Teledoc Health Chief Product Officer Donna Boyer
CPO Rising Series: Teladoc CPO on Leading by Looking Forward

This is the 20th episode in the CPO Rising Series, featuring Teladoc CPO Donna Boyer. Donna speaks with Products That Count CPO Renée

Ford CPO Hau Thai Tang
CPO Rising Series: Ford Fmr CPO on Going All In on EVs

Here is episode 19 of the CPO Rising Series, featuring Ford CPO Hau Thai-Tang. Hau speaks with Products That Count CPO Renée Niemi on

ChargePoint Chief Product Officer Bill Loewenthal
CPO Rising Series: ChargePoint CPO on the Hardest Part of Being a Product Leader

What is the hardest part of being a product leader? Here is episode 18 of the CPO Rising Series, featuring ChargePoint CPO Bill

Optimizely Chief Product Officer Justin Anovick
CPO Rising Series: Optimizely CPO on the Value in Constant Chaos

Do you find comfort in constant chaos? If not, it might be time to shake things up. This is episode 17 of the CPO Rising Series,

UiPath CPO Param Kahlon
CPO Rising Series: UiPath CPO on Diverse Perspectives For Stronger Product Teams

Is it a problem when your whole team agrees? According to UiPath CPO Param Kahlon, the answer is yes. In episode 16 of the CPO Rising

Tenable CPO Nico Popp
CPO Rising Series: Tenable CPO on the Magnificent 7 KPIs

Do you know the magnificent 7 KPIs? In episode 15 of the CPO Rising Series, Products That Count CPO Renée Niemi interviews Tenable CPO

Vonage CPO Savinay Berry
CPO Rising Series: Vonage CPO on the Owner’s Mindset in Product

Does everybody in your organization have an owner’s mindset? Here comes episode 14 in the CPO Rising Series. It features Vonage CPO

GitLab Fmr Chief Product Officer Scott Williamson
CPO Rising Series: Fmr GitLab CPO on Leading with Transparency

Is your team’s strategy transparent? Get ready for episode 13 in the CPO Rising Series. Here, Fmr GitLab CPO Scott Williamson sits down

Autodesk EVP AEC Design Amy Bunszel
CPO Rising Series: Autodesk EVP of AEC on Embracing Overcommunication

Are you communicating enough with your team? Here is episode 12 in the CPO Rising Series. Autodesk EVP of AEC Amy Bunszel sits down with

SoFi Chief Product Officer Assaf Ronen
CPO Rising Series: SoFi CPO on Building Products That Make a Difference

Do your products make a difference in people’s lives? This is episode 11 in the CPO Rising Series. Here, SoFi Chief Product Officer

Elsevier CPO Mikhail Vaysbukh
CPO Rising Series: Elsevier CPO on the 2 Key Traits of Product Leaders

What are the key traits of product leaders? This is episode 10 in the CPO Rising Series. Here, Elsevier Chief Product Officer Mikhail

Fidelity Investments CPO Deba Sahoo
CPO Rising Series: Fidelity Investments CPO on Developing a Strong Talent Pipeline

How strong is your talent pipeline? Here’s the ninth episode in the CPO Rising Series, in which Fidelity Investments Chief Product

Atlassian Chief Product Officer Joff Redfern
CPO Rising Series: Atlassian CPO on Having a Well-Designed Value System

Does your company have a value system that it truly lives by? Or does it simply have platitudes stuck on a wall? In this, the eighth

Upwork Chief Product and Experience Officer Samuel Bright
CPO Rising Series: Upwork Chief Product & Experience Officer On Making The Customer Win Big

It is a well-worn adage that change is the only constant in life. But it remains true! This is especially so in the world of product,

Next Insurance Chief Product Officer Effi Fuks Leichtag
CPO Rising Series: Next Insurance CPO on Scaling Product Teams

As product leaders, you probably have seen the evolution of your product teams. It hasn’t been an easy transition as of late, with

Box Chief Product Officer Diego Dugatkin
CPO Rising Series: Box CPO on Building The Best Product Teams

Building a good team is not just the individual leaders but the team as a whole. CPOs should manage through efficient delegation but also

Included Health Chief Product Officer Nupur Srivastava
CPO Rising Series: Included Health CPO on The Attributes of Great Product Leaders

A manager can run a department, but the truly great product leaders have a secret sauce that makes them stand out from the rest. Many

Nubank Chief Product Officer Jag Duggal
CPO Rising Series: Nubank CPO on Creating the Rhythm of Product Innovation

Chief Product Officers face many challenges while managing both team motivation and product innovation, especially with pandemic-related

Capgemini Invent, EVP Intelligent Products & Services Lisa Mitnick
CPO Rising Series: Capgemini Invent Executive VP on Becoming Successful Product Leaders

With the growing importance in a digitally connected world, the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO) is being elevated. There are

Products That Count CPO Renee Niemi
CPO Rising Series: Products That Count CPO on Inaugural Global CPO 20

As more companies aim to be product-led, there are higher-level priorities for product leaders. Product managers are rising through the

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