Here is the 6th episode of the CPO Rising Podcast Series, hosted by Products That Count CPO Renée Niemi. In this podcast, Bose CPO Raza Haider discusses the company’s focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences through various channels, including e-commerce and partnerships. Haider mentions that partnerships are sought when there are unmet needs that Bose’s core products cannot fulfill. Additionally, Bose considers mergers and acquisitions to accelerate their plans. Haider highlights the evolving role of product management, emphasizing the importance of putting the customer at the center of decision-making. Purpose, people, profit, and planet are key considerations in product management, especially for companies with physical products, like Bose.

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Show Notes

  1. Raza Haider joined Bose as the first Chief Product Officer after the company adopted a functional professional structure.
  2. Haider’s role as CPO involves connecting cross-functional elements to deliver cohesive customer experiences and achieve financial objectives.
  3. Product development at Bose aims to create purposeful, customer-centric, profitable, and environmentally friendly products.
  4. Trade-offs and prioritization are important in product development to deliver customer value and drive profit and market share.
  5. Design thinking is integral to Bose’s future vision, driving iterative improvements in customer experiences and the customer journey.
  6. The innovation team focuses on creating desirable customer experiences and developing products that align with the vision across hardware, software, buying experience, and returns.
  7. Haider emphasizes the importance of the customer as the primary stakeholder and aligning customer needs with the company’s best interests.
  8. Prioritizing customer needs aligns other stakeholders such as sales, marketing, engineering, and procurement.
  9. Bose focuses on core technologies and customers, unlocking value for different segments, and extending product solutions for existing customers.
  10. Haider considers partnerships with companies that can reach different customers or offer complementary technologies.
  11. Mergers and acquisitions are also considered to accelerate Bose’s plans.
  12. The future of product management involves connecting product-centric organizations and influencing decision-making across functions with a customer-centered approach. And above all delivering exceptional experiences.
  13. Purpose, people, profit, and planet are important considerations in product management, particularly for companies with physical products.
  14. Haider is open to leading a company in the future but currently enjoys his role at Bose.
  15. Traits of a phenomenal product leader include valuing teamwork, establishing trust, fostering a culture of action, being receptive to feedback, and maintaining an attitude of optimism and continuous improvement.
About the speaker
Raza Haider Bose Corporation, Chief Product Officer Member
About the host
Renee Niemi Products That Count, Reisdent CPO
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