In episode 2 of the CPO Rising Podcast Series, Rockwell Automation CPO Claudia Chandra speaks with Products That Count CPO Renee Niemi. Claudia’s portfolio includes the FactoryTalk Hub, Edge, Data, and Analytics portfolio. And also the delivery of common cloud services for all Rockwell cloud offerings, data and AI services, Edge and Edge Gateway, FactoryTalk Analytics (DataView, LogixAI, Pavilion8), and the Innovation Suite products. Claudia emphasizes the importance of scalability, manageability, and close collaboration with the services team in embracing the future of industrial automation. Discover the challenges and opportunities faced by product leaders as they navigate end-to-end product lifecycle management, adoption, and delivery.

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Show Notes

  1. Claudia Chandra is the Chief Product Officer – Industrial Data, AI, Edge Platform and Analytics at Rockwell Automation.
  2. Her role involves overseeing the company’s portfolio and setting product strategy.
  3. Rockwell Automation focuses on industrial automation, providing solutions for various industries.
  4. Their FactoryTalk InnovationSuite offers IoT and analytics solutions.
  5. Rockwell Automation’s approach to IoT solutions involves combining multiple technology components.
  6. Scalability and manageability are important factors when creating solutions for industrial automation.
  7. Scaling ML model deployments requires close collaboration with the services team.
  8. As Chief Product Officer, Claudia Chandra plays a key role in setting business strategy, budgeting, and revenue targets.
  9. Strategies for growth include organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and OEMs.
  10. The make vs. buy vs. partner decision is a core part of Rockwell Automation’s strategy.
  11. The company aims to enable customers to make data-driven decisions using their IoT and analytics solutions.
  12. The focus on data-driven decisions allows businesses to optimize their operations and reduce costs.
  13. Product management practices have evolved to focus more on end-to-end product lifecycle and scaling revenue.
  14. The future of product management will require holistic thinking across all stages of the product lifecycle, including migration to next-generation offerings.
  15. The pace of product evolution will continue to accelerate, requiring more seamless transitions between product generations.
  16. Product managers and leaders need to think more holistically about products, considering aspects like marketing and adoption.
  17. Chandra emphasizes the importance of evolving from one product generation to the next.
  18. Migrating customers to next-gen offerings is a key challenge for product leaders.
  19. Product managers must consider all stages of the product lifecycle, including end-of-life and transitioning to new offerings.
  20. Rockwell Automation aims to be a leader in providing differentiated offerings within the industrial automation
About the speaker
Claudia Chandra Rockwell Automation, CPO Member
About the host
Renee Niemi Products That Count, Reisdent CPO
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