How can companies drive success with a product-led culture? In episode #14 of the CPO Rising Series with our host and CPO Renee Niemi, Doximity SVP Ben Greenberg shares invaluable insights on product management and its evolution. He emphasizes the critical role of product culture, company culture, and the alignment of values with a clear mission in driving success. Discover how Doximity’s unique culture of product obsession has led to innovative products, and how a product-led approach prioritizes user feedback, delivering value, and achieving commercial success. Explore the evolving field of product management, the balance between short-term growth and long-term development, and the potential impact of AI on product management and society.

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Show Notes

  1. Ben Greenberg discusses his career as a Chief Product Officer in the medical space.
  2. He had a background as a computer nerd growing up in the 80s.
  3. Greenberg became a product leader through mentorship and career progression.
  4. He shares insights on the evolution of the product management role.
  5. He emphasizes the importance of considering monetization from the start.
  6. Product culture is a secret weapon for great companies. It enables better product development and operational efficiency.
  7. Greenberg has played a role in nurturing product cultures in previous roles.
  8. Company culture aligned with a clear mission and values is critica.
  9. Doximity’s culture of product obsession leads to innovative products like the Doximity dialer.
  10. The Doximity dialer provides secure, practice-specific phone calls for physicians and patients.
  11. Product-led culture and leadership are key at Doximity.
  12. Prioritizing user feedback and passion drives better results.
  13. Product obsession is essential for being product-led.
  14. Focuses on solving problems and delivering value to users while achieving commercial success.
  15. Doximity’s success is attributed to a product-led approach with strong user experience and partnerships.
  16. Product plays a crucial role in short and long-term growth by driving innovation.
  17. The “core versus edge” paradigm highlights the interdependence of product refinement and innovation.
  18. Product management is evolving with a balance of intuition and data-driven decision-making.
About the speaker
Ben Greenberg Doximity, SVP & GM Commercial Products Member

Ben Greenberg has built digital products for over thirty years, most notably serving as WebMD's VP of Product & User Experience from 2007 through its US$2.8B sale in 2019. Ben later served as Eric Topol's Chief Product Officer at Scripps Research, the Chief Product Officer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and is now at GM of Commercial Products at Doximity, where he builds software to promote life sciences integration and workflow support to physicians at the point of care.

About the host
Renee Niemi Mighty Capital, Partner
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