August 21, 2017

Virta Health Founding CEO on How AI Will Disrupt Healthcare and End Diabetes

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How AI Will Disrupt Healthcare

What if chronic diseases weren’t actually chronic? What if everything we’ve been told about healthcare is wrong? Virta Health founding CEO, former co-founder of Trulia, and world-class athlete Sami Inkinen reveals the 5 principles that can disrupt healthcare and end diabetes. Sami is a returning guest at Products That Count. In his last event, he previously talked about how to achieve the impossible—literally: what most people think is impossible. Once again, he set out to do just that! From systems building to applications of artificial intelligence to exponential thinking, Sami offers practical wisdom from a remarkable life and career.

About the Speaker

Sami Inkinen is the CEO & Founder of San Francisco based Virta Health, an online specialty medical clinic that reverses type 2 diabetes safely and sustainably, without the risks, costs, or side effects of medications or surgery. Sami is also an active investor in companies advancing human health and performance as an angel investor and Venture Partner at Obvious Ventures. Previously, Sami was a co-founder, COO and President of Trulia until it’s IPO and eventual sale for $3.6B. Sami, an avid athlete, is a triathlon world champion in his age group, and recently rowed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii unsupported with his wife at a record speed to raise awareness about healthy nutrition. Sami received his Masters in Physics from the Helsinki University of Technology and MBA from Stanford University.

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