Products That Count is excited to welcome our newest Editorial Contributor, Emma Cai! Emma is a Principal Product Manager at Vimeo and spent 10 years in banking and fintech. A self-described “payment nerd,” Emma will be examining technology crossover markets with an emphasis on new product development from Asia. Check out her article “Community Group Buying – Can the Business Model Work in the US?”

Vimeo Principal Product Manager Emma Cai

Read the latest article from Emma Cai, “Community Group Buying – Can the Business Model Work in the US?”

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Vimeo Principal Product Manager Emma Cai

What’s your favorite product and why?

Every product manager has their preference of tool and if you’ve ever attended The Product Awards, you know that we love to discover the favorites amongst the community. For Emma, it’s one of the classics that takes her top spot.

“Excel. I believe Excel is the smartest spreadsheet product in the market. I’ve yet to find another competitor that can replace Excel’s ease of use and analytical intelligence.”

Why does product management matter to you?

There’s more than one path to product management. In Emma’s case, it involved utilizing her network and a bit of luck.

“At the time, I didn’t know that Product is my true calling. During COVID, I did a bit of soul searching and spent a year with self-discovery to think through what works and doesn’t work for me. Then I mapped out my short- and medium-term objectives and career goals. I’d love to share my thinking and experience with my fellow PMs who are perhaps in a similar boat as I was and looking for what’s next.”

What makes a great product?

“A great product solves real needs. It improves users’ lives and would be truly missed if it didn’t exist.”

What makes a great product manager?

The world of Product is constantly evolving and ever-changing. Emma gives her insights on what lies ahead for product managers and the craft of product management.

“They do everything in their power to unblock barriers and keep the cross-functional teams moving toward the same goal. In a perfect world, if everyone can function well together without a PM, the PM has done their job.”

What are the blogs, newsletters, books, and resources that you find most helpful?

In a world overflowing with information, it’s common to feel that you’re drowning in data and missing crucial information. Here are the resources Emma uses to stay current during the Age of Product.

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TechBuzz China
investersguide listen square
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