Nyotron Product Lead on Cyber Security (Part 3)

I visited Japan recently and found that I was relating a lot of their culture to product culture. There is a focus on creating less with more. For example, they focus on beautiful packaging, quality service and a great customer experience. When it comes to my work as a product manager, these elements all come together to create cybersecurity products that make a difference.

Consumer products have always been user-friendly, but that hasn’t always been the case with enterprise products that you only use at work. The days of opening a command line and running scripts are gone. As a result, modern enterprise software is easy to use and have played a big role in advancing cybersecurity.

Creating a great user experience for these products is very important today. Furthermore, the runway for demonstrating return-on-investment is much more immediate than it used to be. Instead of having 2-3 years to deliver ROI, now you need to show immediate value. This means not only doing less with more, but also driving results at 10x as opposed to a 10 percent lift.

Most importantly, customers aren’t just buying a product anymore. Now, they are buying a relationship that goes along with the product. You can’t just think about a product’s features and benefits. In the end, you have to think about the entire experience from end-to-end to create the best products for cybersecurity.


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About the speaker
Rene Kolga Nyotron, Head of Product & VP of Strategy Member

Rene Kolga is the Head of Product & VP of Strategy at Nyotron, specializing in cybersecurity solutions. Rene has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry across several functions - managing international projects at several Fortune 500 companies and startups in Silicon Valley.