Building Strong Agile Foundations

Agile transformations are about people. Frameworks and practices can help, but a successful transformation starts and ends with the individuals, teams, and leaders who bring the change to life. One of the most powerful tools you already have for facilitating change is your vocabulary and your word choice. eBay exec and Agile Alliance board member Paul Hammond reveals how to create strong foundations for a strong, agile transformation through careful consideration and selection of your team or organizational agile vocabulary.

About the Speaker

Paul Hammond loves nurturing and growing fantastic teams who create delightful and impactful products using effective software engineering techniques. In the last 15 years as a senior product and technology leader at both eBay and Microsoft, Paul has helped his teams and the greater organizations transform to an agile mindset. This has enabled them to more effectively build impactful web, mobile and communications applications which are valued by hundreds of millions of global customers every day. Paul also sits on the Board of the Agile Alliance, collaborating with the board and the community to bring the Alliance’s mission of “supporting people who explore and apply Agile values, principles, and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable” to life. _edit_last