Our toughest societal problems need Product Thinkers

We are at a national turning point. Finally, many of our greatest challenges are being met with public policy that invests large dollars — climate, infrastructure, the social safety net. All the while, product management has taken off as a discipline and product managers have been driving private sector outcomes with greater and greater efficacy. […]


Ready VP of Product on Connectivity & IoT

Do you know connectivity & IoT? The Internet of Things is one of the fastest-growing areas in tech, with applications from consumer electronics, to interactive real estate, to smart cities. In this talk, Award Advisory Board member and Ready VP of Product Nikki Ahmadi will cover current trends in the Internet of Things, including use-cases […]

Oscar Health Product Leader on Motivating Yourself and Your Team Post-Layoffs

How you can stay motivated and continue motivating and inspiring your team after a mass layoff? Product leaders need to consider several factors in this situation. One is value alignment. Another is change management – internally and externally. And they also need to think about looking ahead. In this talk, Oscar Health Product Leader Aditya […]

A10 Networks VP of Product on Being “ConfAIdent”

A promise of efficiency, productivity, cost reduction and, perhaps, competitive advantage is driving the urgency for AI adoption in enterprises. Increase in exposure to AI technologies and usage has also brought awareness of potential misuse (intentional or inadvertent), and the resulting ramifications thereof. “Responsible AI” is now in the discursive and regulatory forefront. In this […]

Expedia Group Platform SVP on Developing & Executing a Platform Strategy

Platformization can be an extremely complex and tall order for any organization. It’s difficult to determine when it makes sense to invest in a platform strategy. So, what is the right way to build a product strategy? Expedia Group Platform SVP Archana Arunkumar on what to consider when executing a platform strategy.

Amazon Sr Product Leader on Developing a Product Sense

Product sense is a skill that grows and develops as you advance your career in product management. This is a kind of 6th sense. It helps you understand why a product would or wouldn’t work, and discover what problems your product aims to solve. So, how do you develop a product sense? Amazon Sr. Product […]

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