Products That Count is all about community, and our Heads of Chapter are an invaluable part of driving that mission. With chapters in 6 different cities and counting, they help us extend the product conversation further and further each year. With that, we want to extend a huge welcome to our new Heads of Chapter for NYC, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Head of the New York City Chapter – Bryce York

It seems that Bryce is all over our site lately and with good reason! The Tatari Sr. Technical Product Manager is an invaluable member of the Products That Count family. As one of our Awards Advisory Board members, he currently leads the Operate Stage, helping to determine the finalists for the upcoming 2021 Product Awards.  (Reminder, if you haven’t gotten in your nominations, there’s still time! Nominations are being accepted until the end of the year.)

Bryce is also one of our amazing Editorial Contributors. Regularly disseminating topics within product management, his latest piece considers a question oft pondered by product managers. Build Vs. Buy: A Product Manager’s Guide to Not Building Things. presents how and when to build in-house. Before diving into the nitty-gritty, Bryce lends to PMs these guidelines:

“If it’s integral to your product’s core competency, you should likely be building the feature yourself. For anything tied to your core competency, you should feel confident that you’ll build a much better solution than you can buy. On the flip side, if the capability you’re looking for is a solved problem or a commodity, err on the side of buying.”

Beyond lending his leadership skills to the Products That Count community, Bryce drives Product at Tatari, an ad-tech startup democratizing TV advertising across linear and streaming tv. With over ten years of experience successfully leading in-house and outsourced product, we’re grateful to have Bryce leading our very own New York City Chapter in 2021.

Head of the Seattle Chapter – Iryna Krutenko

It’s not easy to follow the legacy of our Chapter Heads, but eventually, the torch must be passed. Over the past two decades, the world has watched Seattle catapult onto the tech leaderboard. Luckily, we’ve been able to snag a number of industry leaders, including Calendly Former Product Head Oji Udezue and Zonar Systems Sr. Director Drory Ben-Menachem, for riveting sessions here at Products That Count. On our end, we know next year is going to be equally as big. Make sure to watch their replays on our website to get a taste of how Seattle is driving product innovation. 

Coming from an extensive product management background that spans borders, Iryna Krutenko currently serves as International Product Lead at Undoubtedly one of the most enthusiastic product leasers we’ve met, Iryna previously managed the Central and Eastern Europe & Russia team as Manager of International Product. That role found her working together with cross-functional partners to achieve market goals and reach product market fit. Not to sing her praises too much, she also served as Co-Chair of the International Inclusion Group.

Stay tuned for Iryna’s first guest in the new year, Senior Product Director Barron Caster. He’ll join us for a webinar session to speak on how to break out of an internal mindset to get the most out of your product resources.

Welcome to Products That Count, Iryna!

Head of the San Francisco Chapter – Maheep Singh Bhalla

We obviously carry a soft spot for our hometown on the bay and can’t wait for the day we can reconnect in person. Until then, we promise to continue to bring you stellar content from thought leaders in the product community.

Since moving to a webinar format, we’ve been lucky to continue to hear almost a dozen powerhouse Bay Area leaders. A couple of our recent sessions included discussions with Slack Product Director Ellie Powers, and Instapage|Postclick VP of Product Camila Franco. If you missed them live, make sure to catch the replays on our website. For now, we’re thrilled to welcome our new Head of Chapter for the hometown of tech.

Maheep Singh Bhalla is no stranger to the San Francisco product community. Bringing over a decade of product leadership to Products That Count, he currently serves as Director of Product Management at Transformco. As the leader of a cross-functional product design and development team, he is busy creating a new software product platform that replaces 4 existing isolated systems.

Welcome to Products That Count, Maheep!

Make sure to join Products That Count to stay up-to-date on the latest discussions, with new webinars each week.

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