How can product managers effectively drive innovation and manage resources in larger organizations? Join Adobe Senior Product Director Heidi Gibson as she interviews Linkedin Senior Product Director Laura Teclemariam in an insightful discussion about product management and innovation. Discover valuable insights on managing resources, building effective product teams, and driving innovation in larger organizations.

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Show Notes

  1. Laura Teclamiriam has a background in software development, consulting, and product management at Netflix.
  2. Transitioning from software engineering to product management requires identifying one’s skills and finding the best fit.
  3. Driving innovation involves introducing new products, services, and business models.
  4. Resourcefulness, urgency, and adaptability are crucial for working on innovative projects.
  5. Diverse experiences in different industries, product cycles, teams, and processes enhance problem-solving skills.
  6. Laura is excited about her role at LinkedIn and its mission to provide equal opportunities.
  7. She continues to be involved in the video game industry through volunteering.
  8. Practicing product management varies in different company scales and stages.
  9. Change management is crucial for managing innovation within larger organizations.
  10. The change curve involves accepting and embracing change, leading teams through the change process, and embedding change into the company culture.
  11. Organizational models for innovation teams include separate teams and utilizing existing resources for innovation.
  12. Structuring an innovation team should consider the company’s culture, strengths, and address gaps, risks, leadership, and team composition.
  13. Managing expectations and communication is vital for successful innovation.
  14. Clear criteria and decision-making help set expectations and keep teams aligned.
  15. Ruthless prioritization and focusing on what not to do manage scope creep and stakeholder pressure.
  16. Growing too fast without considering project and product management overhead can hinder innovation.
  17. The podcast provides insights into managing innovation in larger organizations, including change management, structuring innovation teams, and managing expectations and communication effectively.

About the speaker
Laura Teclemariam Linkedin, Sr. Director of Product Management Member

I am a business-focused U.S. citizen with strong competency in the area of consumer Product Management and Interactive Media technology. With over 20 years of experience with managing products, teams, and analyzing data, I am a highly motivated individual who has the knowledge base to make a difference and affect a company’s bottom line within an executive-level position. As a professional in the technical industry, I continue to learn new strategies and technologies to enhance my ability to be an asset to any team and to be on the cutting edge of my competitors. Visit

About the host
Heidi Gibson GoDaddy, Sr. Director Product Management

Heidi Gibson has over 20 years of product management experience, with most of that focused on SaaS consumer/small business software. She is currently Senior Director of Product Led Growth at Adobe, and past companies include Typeform, GoDaddy and and other industry leaders. Heidi has a B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT.

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