What are the key challenges in building AI-powered products and how can they be overcome? In this podcast, Product Leader and Product Talk Host Neha Shah meets with PeopleReign CEO Dan Turchin to discuss the latest developments in the field of AI and its impact on the workplace and society. They explore the challenges and opportunities of building AI-powered products, with a focus on creating personalized experiences and addressing ethical considerations. They also share insights into their own experiences building companies and navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. 

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Show Notes

  1. PeopleReign is an AI-based HR and IT solution for large enterprises that automates employee service delivery.
  2. The goal of PeopleReign is to make the employee experience more human and to impact a billion lives.
  3. The founder of PeopleReign has built seven companies over 25 years. He was inspired by his first job as an industrial engineer at Disney to create products that put a smile on people’s faces.
  4. Deploying great AI-first experiences that focus on narrow AI and picking a narrow domain and problem to solve is the secret behind making AI-powered products work.
  5. In addition, the ethical implications of the decisions that AI models make need to be considered. It is crucial to think about what could go wrong, not just what could go right.
  6. Personalizing experiences and making an emotional connection with users using AI is important.
  7. Diversity and inclusion are essential when designing AI models that impact individuals’ lives.
  8. Creating effective cybersecurity guidelines and policies that keep up with the fast-changing landscape of technology is challenging.
  9. Solving real problems that matter to users and making their lives better is essential.
  10. The podcast “AI and the Future of Work” features conversations with AI entrepreneurs about their visions and experiences.
  11. What’s more, the podcast has published over 180 episodes.
  12. The guest speakers on the podcast are willing to educate the user community about AI.
  13. AI entrepreneurs discuss their vision and how they build products on the podcast.
  14. Furthermore, the podcast is a great resource for mid-career product professionals and leaders.
  15. Focus on solving a problem that has meaning to you in your life and directly makes someone else’s life better.
  16. Making an emotional connection with the end user and solving a problem that matters in their life is crucial when building AI-first products.
  17. Building guidelines and policies in a democratic society that represents all voices and situations is challenging.
  18. Guidelines and policies often become obsolete due to new situations that they do not cover.
  19. Guidelines are helpful, but they are not an effective enforcement mechanism.
  20. The hard work of building AI-first products becomes more manageable when the only true north is doing the right thing for the end-user and solving a problem that matters in their life.

About the speaker
Dan Turchin PeopleReign, CEO Member
About the host
Neha Shah Kaboo, Founder

My experience covers the trifecta of B2B Product Management, Sales, and Marketing. I also co-founded a B2C startup focused on family and education technology. I believe technology can be a creative and powerful driving force for change, and am passionate about building products that improve every day experiences.

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