This is episode six in our podcast series hosted by the 2023 Awards Advisory Board. In this episode, Pulse PEMF Director of Product Ryan House sits down with Microsoft Product Leader Arun Ravi. They discuss Arun’s work on Microsoft’s AI platform, Nuance. First, they discuss the value of AI for voice in healthcare. Ravi also shares his thoughts on how to use one product stack for multiple uses in B2B. And finally, Ryan asks Ravi to share what he believes makes a great product. According to Ravi, it comes down to value.

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On AI for voice in healthcare

“Voice in healthcare is something that’s been talked about for a very long time, but Nuance has perfected the ability to reach to providers in a way that’s significant and helps them. What we focus on is a product called DAX, Dragon Ambient eXperience. It is a product that takes a physician-patient conversation, and converts that into a clinical note. Machine learning first converts the conversation into a transcript. And then that transcript is summarized into a SOAP note, or a clinical note. A soap note is subjective, objective assessment plan. Anytime you go in for an appointment and see the physician typing, he’s basically typing out a note in that format. And that note can be used across the board by your clinical team, or they may give you a part of that to take back and then know what to do post post-acute care episode. Or figure out long term care. 

“But, essentially, the main premise is reducing the burden on physicians. There’s been a lot of articles, I think the New York Times had one with a very catchy title, death by a million clicks or something like that. And essentially, just going through the EHR and capturing the data is very difficult. Nuance has created a really great way of reducing that and making it more natural so that you can bring back the human aspect of healthcare when patients and providers interact.”

On one B2B stack for multiple uses

“When you see a b2b industry vertical, you might have the same technology stack, but you can have different use cases. In order for a product to be successful, you have to have a broad base of customers to go to. Because if you focus just on the provider segment, I can give you a million reasons why providers won’t buy the product. The margins are razor thin. They’re stuck with very old technology that’s not transferable. How do you actually modernize that stack?”

On what makes a great product

“There’s so many things. Value: Are people willing to pay for it? I think we also get lost sometimes in the type of products. Are you building a consumer product? Is it b2b? Is it b2b2c? There’s so many different ways of engaging that end customer. But it really comes down to value. 

“I remember Paul Graham, from Y Combinator, he said, instead of having 100 so-so users, you’d rather have 10 users who can live without the product. And that value that you bring to them is important. With DAX, if you see physicians doing 50-60-70% of their visits through DAX, they’re obviously seeing the value. They’re obviously seeing how this is improving their lives. 

“But it also depends on what is your definition of great. It can vary, but I like to bring it back down to the customer. True customer obsession. You’re really building what is useful for them. Some of the great products, you may not get it right the first go ‘round. So then the task is iterating on it and taking it to where it needs to go.”

About the speaker
About the host
Ryan House Pulse PEMF, Director of Product & IT

Ryan is a Product professional who has spent the last 4+ years in the HealthTech and Life Sciences industry. He specializes in hardware, mobile and web application product development. He is inspired to continue mentoring and leading his product team to build solutions for the ever growing PEMF technology in the Life Sciences & HealthTech space.

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