The Product Awards were created to reward the best products made for Product Managers. Those very important tools that make life easier for PMs. The awards are broken into categories within the various stages of the product lifecycle For 2020, we saw over 2,000 nominations! Each stage has an Awards Advisory board member to represent it. Twitter Senior Product Head, Laura Burkhauser, is the Awards Advisory Board member representing the Collaborate stage.

The Product Awards Collaborate categories are lucky to have Laura at the helm. Here’s what she had to say about her involvement:

Why are the Product Awards important?

“I think that recognition is important in every field. It’s really nice to have an opportunity to help celebrate the thoughtfulness that goes into the products that help us do our jobs better.”

Why did you want to be involved in the Awards Advisory Board?

“My secret dream is to be a reality television host judge. I feel like this takes me one step closer to that.”

On the category she represents.

“Collaborate. It’s that first phase. That early, early stage of the product lifecycle. We are celebrating that difficult question, where do ideas come from?”

And without further adieu, the Nominees for the Product Awards Collaborate categories are…

There are three categories that make up the Product Awards Collaborate stage of the product lifecycle. They are:

  • Listen to Customers: One of the most important ways that you can keep your antennae out for the next amazing product idea is to listen to your customers.
  • Track Trends: It’s also important to look around you at what is happening in business, technology, society, etc. Stay apprised of trends so you don’t get left behind.
  • Analyze Competition: A good PM will keep track of the competition without letting it limit their thinking. This can mean tracking emails, press releases, traffic/keywords, and digital product updates.

Here are the nominees for each category:

  • Listen to Customers
    • NPS or other customer satisfaction tools
      • Lumoa
      • Textline
      • Usabilla
      • Delighted
    • Always-on customer feedback channels on your site
      • Intercom
      • Slack
      • Zendesk
      • Any of the chat clients below
    • Data tracking to better understand user behavior on your site
      • Heap
      • Optimizely
      • Segment
      • Amplitude
  • Track Trends
    • Google Trends
    • Feedly
    • Google Alerts
    • Launch Ticker
    • NewsBlur
    • Second Measure
    • Think With Google
    • Alltop
    • Buzzsumo
    • Brandwatch
    • Quicksearch
  • Analyze Competition
    • SendView
    • Mention
    • Conpass
    • Google Alerts
    • Owletter
    • Similarweb
    • WhatRunsWhere
    • Kompyte
    • Aha!
    • Prisync

A big congrats to all of the nominees in the Collaborate categories. Good luck to all of the incredible products that have been nominated. Of course, many thanks to Laura Burkhauser for heading the Collaborate stage and categories on the Product Awards Advisory Board.

Meanwhile, it’s time to let your voice be heard on what products you believe are award-worthy! Click here to vote for the products you believe should win for each category.

Did we leave out some of the products you believe to be the best for the Collaborate stage of the product lifecycle? Tell us in the comments. It’s possible they could be nominated next year!

About the Speaker
Twitter Senior Product Manager
Laura Burkhauser is the Director of Consumer Product at Rent The Runway – She leads product teams that work on RTR’s subscription offerings, personalization features, growth strategy, digital community, and mobile app. Prior to joining Rent The Runway, Laura worked on growth and revenue product at Le Tote, and on the Prime team at Amazon. She got her start in strategy at Teach For America and The Bridgespan Group. Laura holds an MBA from The University of California Berkeley and currently lives in New York City.

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