Product Awards Series: PandaDoc SVP of Product on the Diplomats of Product

Bernard Desarnauts shares why he thinks a good product leader is more like a diplomat than a president – or CEO.


CPO Rising Series: Elsevier CPO on the 2 Key Traits of Product Leaders

In episode 10 in the CPO Rising Series, Mikhail Vaysbukh talks about the two most important behaviors for any product leader.

CPO Rising Series: Included Health CPO on The Attributes of Great Product Leaders

Included Health CPO Nupur Srivastava shares the attributes of great product leaders and how to set priorities while enabling innovation.

CPO Rising Series: Capgemini Invent Executive VP on Becoming Successful Product Leaders

Culture drives innovation, and the CPO is the product leader for sustaining that type of workplace culture. Capgemini Invent VP Lisa Mitnick shares her insights about creating a safe environment to fail and succeed with innovation.

Johnson Controls Product VP on Product Portfolio Management

Johnson Controls Product VP Narasimha Krishnakumar discusses how PMs can scale to manage a portfolio of products and best practices to use.

CPO Rising: A seat in the C-suite

There is a revolution happening in the C-suite that has been building for some time, and we are now seeing the changes. We call it CPO Rising.

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Meta Product Leader on Product Leadership at Scale

Meta Product Leader Yun-Kuan Lin shares observations of how product teams evolve as companies grow, and the difference in leadership skills at each stage.

Product-Led Growth: An eBook for Product Leaders

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Challenges in Product Development: Using the Power of Questions

As PMs, we know that our products are only as good as the questions they answer. Use more questions in the product development process today.

Common Room Product VP on Growing Product Skills At A Startup vs. A Big Company

Common Room’s VP of Product joins us to share a framework to think about the risks and rewards of honing PM skills at a startup vs a larger company.

Fairmarkit Head of Product on Managing People Who Manage Products

Fairmarkit Head of Product Kelly McStay to discover ways to accelerate product team development and create great product leaders.

Google Product Lead on Getting Executive Buy-In

Google Product Lead Ravi Gampala shares his preparation checklist and the pitfalls product leaders can sidestep when seeking executive buy-in.

Building Secure Products: An Introduction to Cybersecurity for Product Leaders

Learn how to build secure products from the ground floor in this cybersecurity series from Tugboat Logic and Products That Count. CPO on Adaptability as a Product Leader CPO Navya Rehani Gupta joins Products That Count to speak on how to maximize your impact as a product leader with adaptability.

Inspiration from the Crew: Product Reads for Product Leads

Here at Products That Count, we're not shy about our love for accelerating the mind through continuous knowledge. From our webinars to our

Slack Product Director on Resilience as a Product Manager

Slack Product Director Ellie Powers shares how products, teams, and product leaders themselves can adapt in strange times to build resilience.

Universal Electronics Product Director on the Superpowers of the Conceive Stage

Universal Electronics Product Director speaks on the superpowers found within the conceive stage of the product life cycle.

Transfix Product Marketing Lead on the Superpowers of Building Product

nate Product Marketing Lead Patrick Blute on the superpowers available to product managers during the build stage of the product life cycle.

Prezi Product Director on the Superpowers of Design

Continuing the Age of Product Series, Products That Count CPO and former Microsoft Product Lead James Gray sat down with members of the Product Awards Advisory Board to discuss the various competencies product leaders need at every stage of the product life cycle. Joining him this week is Neha Taleja, current Prezi Product Director and […]

Tatari Sr. Product Lead on the Superpowers of Operation

Tatari Sr. Product Lead Bryce York joins Product Talk to speak on the various superpowers of the Operate Stage for the 2021 Product Awards.

IBM fmr Product Lead on the Superpowers of Collaboration

Nita Maheswaren, IBM former Product Lead, speaks with James Gray, Products That Count CPO, on the superpowers of team collaboration.

Pager fmr Product SVP on Managing Product-Focused Bosses

Andrew MacGill, former SVP Product at Pager, discusses lessons from his experience partnering with product-focused bosses.

Brightline CEO & Founder on Defining the Modern Product Executive

Naomi Allen recently spoke at SVI Hub in San Jose to discuss how to succeed in the new role of the modern product executive.

Brilliant Home Product Director on PM Superpowers

Instead of focusing on one skill, product professionals can benefit from mastering "superpowers" that increase your capacity to build meaningful solutions.

Using Improv For Conflict Resolution

Improv techniques for engaging your audience can be used by teams to manage conflicts and unexpected challenges throughout the product lifecycle.

Snap Kitchen fmr Product Lead on Managing Complex Products

When it comes to managing complex products, product teams must focus on building strong brands to stand out from the competition & resonate with users.

Problem Solving: “You’ve Seen This Before”

Effective problem solving is tied to your ability to think through solutions to similar issues, while drawing from outside industries for more perspective.

Problem Solving: All About Repetition

Applying past lessons in repetition across multiple projects enable product managers to kickstart problem solving exercises without needing to start over.

Uber fmr Product Lead on Measuring PM Performance

Measuring performance goes beyond your impact on the bottom line, as your personal growth must align with your ability to drive business results.

Bazaarvoice Product VP on Problem Solving

The design thinking process gives product managers a framework for problem-solving, focusing on customer needs and redefining how to create prototypes.

Acorns Product Director on Becoming A Product Leader

Becoming a product leader starts with being your own advocate by creating a personal story that builds your brand while being able to actively listen.

Product Managers Must Be Bold

Big ideas drive product managers to create amazing solutions, using data from testing bold hypotheses to take product design to the next level.

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills (Part 3)

Vimeo fmr GM, Christopher Gillet, speaks on building depth to enable product managers to become subject matter experts.

Stripe Lead Product Manager on Managing Product Managers

Before moving into leadership positions, product managers need to understand success drivers in order to achieve specific career milestones.

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills (Part 2)

Vimeo Fmr GM, Christopher Gillet, speaks on the ways to become a T-shaped product manager by developing skills outside of the PM role.

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills

Vimeo Fmr GM, Christoper Gillet, speaks on developing T-shaped product management skills by building soft skills supported by expertise.

Finalize Your Product Management Checklist

Product management teams are most effective when potential issues are identified early, flagging potential errors and eliminating confusion on priorities.

Product Management: Start Your Checklist

Product management teams need to think through red flags that can affect new product features, including use case complexity and impact to daily business.

PMs Drive Decisions, but EQ Drives Leadership

Gaurav Hardikar discusses how product managers should drive decisions and improve their EQ. How decisions are made matters in this role.

Former FBI High Stakes Negotiator Chris Voss on Negotiating as if your Life Depends on it

Introduction About the podcast: On this episode, former FBI High Stakes Negotiator Chris Voss shares the nine effective principles

Netflix fmr Product VP on Career Hacks for Product Leaders

Product leaders seem to have it made. But, how does a newcomer start and hack their way into a fulfilling product management career?

Ex-BBC journalist Marie Perruchet on creating a perfect pitch

Introduction About the guest: Marie Perruchet is the founder of One Perfect Pitch, a consulting firm based in San Francisco. One Perfect

The Three Rules of Great Speakers

The three simple rules that great speakers follow

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