Product Management: Implementation Plans

Working at Rover, our product management team uses implementation plans to map out projects. This process applies mostly to engineering teams. However, it’s very relevant to help product managers and designers make better decisions. Ultimately, implementation plans keep your entire team on the same page and creates new products more effectively.

First, a product manager or designer approaches an engineer with an idea for a new feature or spec. After identifying these opportunities, engineers must sketch out how they can actually produce the feature. As a result, the team is able to go through checks to verify that a new feature is delivering on its promise. In the end, this solves a lot of problems up front and encourages collaboration.

Expanding on collaboration, this process creates alignment between the requestors and the people building the product. As a result, the team is able to qualify a new feature’s benefit to overall business goals compared to the time required for development.

In addition, collaboration early on drives better peer review that is less personal and more objective. For example, many teams get tripped up when feedback is viewed as personal attacks. Instead, our feedback process focuses on points that make the product better. Simply put, it’s all about sharing in the effort and delivering great products for more customers.

Ultimately, implementation plans ensure the best outcomes for product management teams. For example, the final design is more robust and less error-prone. Furthermore, these designs are more flexible and less resistant to change. Simply put, implementation plans drive better product results with less headache along the way.

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