Up to 60% of product companies that succeed in the early startup stage fail when they try to scale. The strategies that worked so well in the early stage suddenly become obstacles to getting to the next level. So what are the changes that companies need to make when they enter high growth? In this video, TrueML CPO Laura Marino speaks about the five transitions that companies need for surviving scaleup, and the key role that product leaders play in driving those transitions.

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Webinar Notes:

  1. Early-stage startups prioritize rapid testing and iteration for product-market fit.
  2. Many startups face challenges in the “teenage stage” of scaling due to outdated strategies.
  3. Transition from informal to formal communication is essential for surviving scaleup.
  4. Documenting knowledge helps prevent bottlenecking during growth.
  5. Scaling processes and communication are critical for training and role specialization.
  6. Culture planning is vital for expansion beyond organic growth.
  7. Product leaders face challenges like scalability and early adopter acquisition.
  8. Managing technical debt is crucial for scaling and customer satisfaction.
  9. Proactive communication of roadmaps reduces demands from important customers.
  10. Technical debt can slow scaling and impact customer experience.
  11. Strategies to address technical debt include early intervention and performance improvement.
  12. Engineering capacity planning assumptions often differ from reality.
  13. Partnering with engineering helps identify areas of technical risk.
  14. Prioritizing technical debt is essential for avoiding SLA breaches.
  15. Partnerships aid growth but require a focus on core differentiators.
  16. Embedding BI tools balances customer needs and engineering resources.
  17. Expanding from one product to a suite and adjacent industries is a growth strategy.
  18. Maintaining innovation and agility is essential during scaleup.
  19. Identifying and building high-performing product teams is crucial during scaling.
  20. Leadership development and seasoned product leaders support growth.
  21. Involving product teams in strategy ensures their investment in the roadmap.
  22. Prioritizing products aligned with business objectives is critical.
  23. Considering the buyer’s perspective is important in expansion.
  24. Product touchpoints impact support and go-to-market strategies.
About the speaker
Laura Marino Refinancia, Plastic Bank, Fractional CPO/ Product Strategy Consultant Member

A product executive, board member, and Stanford lecturer, Laura is passionate about scaling companies and product organizations. She is currently the Chief Product Officer at TrueML, a fintech company reinventing debt resolution. Prior to TrueML she led product teams in small and large organizations including SAP Labs, Nuance, Microsoft, Intapp, and Lever. Laura holds two Master of Science degrees from Stanford. She is a guest speaker in the Stanford Management Science and Engineering Department, lecturing on product management and entrepreneurship. A supporter of women and diversity, Laura serves on the Board of Leading Women in Technology a non-profit dedicated to promoting women's leadership.

About the host
Denise Hemke Checkr, Inc. , CPO

As Chief Product Officer at Checkr, Denise is responsible for leading the product vision, teams, and roadmap to deliver customer delight and innovation while advancing our mission of building a fairer future. Denise brings a relentless focus on customer success, adoption, and innovation to meet our customers’ needs. Prior to joining Checkr, she held a number of leadership positions, most recently as the GM for Analytics at Workday. At Workday, she was responsible for the entitled reporting used by all Workday customers. She also led the revenue-producing side of the Analytics business launching 3 new products and growing the business from $0 to over $200M in ARR and over one thousand enterprise customers. She’s been building enterprise products for the last 21 years in a variety of companies such as Platfora, Salesforce, HSBC & AT&T.

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