The winning products from the 2020 Product Awards are listed below. Great product managers know that they’re given superpowers from these great products. There are tools at each stage of the product lifecycle: conceive, collaborate, design, build, and operate, that make us faster, more efficient and better in our product management roles. Why choose a product at random, or make an RFP, when you have this great list of winning products that have been selected by our Awards Advisory Board comprised of product leaders to represent each stage of the product lifecycle? This list represents the best of the best for each category and we congratulate them, are happy to recognize them, and thank them for building great products. 


ClimateAI Head of Product & Growth, Anthony Atlas, was the Awards Advisory Board member representing the Conceive stage of the product lifecycle.

Conceive Product Finalists

  • Solve Market Problems: Miro
  • Explore Solutions: Figma
  • Communicate Internally: Dropbox Paper
  • Build a Roadmap: Productboard


Twitter Senior Product Head, Laura Burkhauser, is the Awards Advisory Board member representing the Collaborate stage.

Collaborate Product FInalists

  • Listen to Customers: Heap
  • Track Trends: Feedly
  • Analyze Competition: SendView


Fmr Macmillan Learning Senior Director of Product on Design, Neha Taleja, was the Awards Advisory Board member assisting with the Design stage.

Design Products Finalists

  • Capture User Pain Points: Intercom
  • Ideate on Solutions: Miro
  • Collaborate Internally: Justinmind
  • Share Prototypes: UserTesting


Credit Karma Associate Director of Product, Christina Lucey, is the Awards Advisory Board member who took the reins of the Build stage and helped select these winning products.

Build Products Finalists

  • Execute Ideas: Tugboat Logic 
  • Create It Yourself: Draftbit
  • Build Teams: Fetcher 
  • Establish Culture: CultureAmp


GameClub COO & Head of Product, Britt Myers, is the Awards Advisory Board member helping with the Operate stage.

Operate Product Finalists

  • Organize Knowledge: Google Sheets
  • Analyze Impacts: Heap
  • Deploy Code: GitHub
  • Connect Teams: Zoom

Special Thanks

We want to take a moment to thank Heap and Tugboat Logic who were sponsors for the 2020 Product Awards. The ability to reward and honor these winning products helps to show product managers the world over what the best products are that will give them superpowers at each stage of the product lifecycle. We appreciate their participation in this endeavor.

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