We’re super excited to announce that WeChat has partnered with Products That Count to boost our community.

WeChat is kinda the Facebook of China: an addictive messaging platform like we’ve never seen in the West with 800M active users. If you consider yourself an innovator, this is your opportunity to get a glimpse at the future!

On our WeChat channel, we’ll be giving away dozens of free tickets to each of our 2017 events. There will also be exclusive content and other perks. You can network with PTC members and create lasting connections.

To download WeChat, click here, then follow these simple steps to subscribe to our channel:

– Select the “contacts” menu at bottom of screen

– In “Official Accounts”, search for “ProductsThatCount” (no spaces)

– Hit follow the Products That Count official channel

– Follow the steps above and keep an eye out for the discount code on WeChat to claim Products That Counts event tickets.

We look forward to seeing you on WeChat!