We put together a list of our five most popular webinars of 2020 so far. So, have you been to one yet? These incredible presentations are from product leaders who have spent time at Verizon Media, Netflix, Paypal, and more. You can find our upcoming webinars listed here.

Verizon Media VP of Product Management on 3 Ingredients of Awesome PMs

Guy Levit is Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Media (previously, Yahoo), Overseeing Publisher Monetization Products. His webinar discussed the three essential features of a great PM. For instance, it included why they matter, and how they play different roles during the career of a product manager.

You can catch the highlights or watch the full webinar here.

Smartsheet Chief Advisor to CPO on How to Make Product Decisions

Nitin T. Bhat is a Senior Director of Product Management at Smartsheet. In his webinar, he discussed making decisions as a product manager. This talk was a deep dive into the art of decision making. For example, it covered how to use frameworks to make those decisions and how to lead with conviction.

The highlights and the full webinar recording are available here.

fmr Netflix VP of PM on Product Strategy

Gib Biddle is the fmr Netflix VP Product Management and is currently the NerdWallet Board Observer and Executive-in-Residence for Product. In his webinar, he discussed three different strategy frameworks to enable product leaders to define their product strategy. It’s a great presentation for anyone who likes to learn from real-life examples.

You can catch some highlights or see Gib’s entire engaging presentation here.

PayPal Product Lead on Building v1 of a Product

Parul Goel is a Senior Manager of Partner Payments & Monetization as well as one of the leaders of the Product Excellence Programs at PayPal, and an active member of the Women in Product community. In her webinar, she discussed how to go about building v1 of a product. For example, she shared an example from PayPal and some of the wisdom they gathered along the way.

The highlights of the webinar as well as the full recording are available to you here.

Bestselling Author on Product Management for Subscription Products

Robbie Kellman Baxter is a bestselling author. She brings over twenty years of strategy consulting and marketing expertise to Peninsula Strategies, her strategy consulting firm focused on helping companies leverage subscription pricing, digital community, and freemium to build deeper relationships with customers. In her webinar, she discussed project management in a subscription-crazy world. Topics include developing an MVP; rethinking product roadmaps for acquisition and retention; choosing the right metrics; building usage growth and engagement into product design; and building a membership mindset culture across your product team.

Check out the highlights or watch Robbie’s full presentation here.

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