Google Cloud UX Lead on Design & Ethics

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About the Session

How do you go about managing huge risks on behalf of customers? How do you communicate them effectively? What role do product managers play in building for ethics? Google Cloud UX Lead Matt Conway shares what he learned designing for threats and mis-use of the products he built. He shares his perspective on one of today’s hot topics and ongoing conversations on ethics in design. 


About the Speaker

Matt Conway has been making simple, fun, and beautiful products for over twenty years. His career started as a graduate student in the 1990s studying under Randy Pausch, in the area of speech assistance for kids with cerebral palsy and the emerging technologies of virtual and augmented reality. During these years, Matt worked with an amazing team of inventors, artists, technologists and designers to help create a collection of novel interaction techniques for the new media of VR and helped set a new standard for easy to use 3D authoring systems. 

Professionally, Matt has been an industrial researcher at Microsoft Research, a program manager for Microsoft’s ClearType typography group, the Director of Expedia Labs, and from 2008 to 2017, an ACD and then Creative Director at frog Design. In this last role, Matt lead creative teams in the design of mobile experiences, TV and 10’ UI experiences and a large body of automotive interface work for several well-known car manufacturers. Today, Matt is a User Experience Manager at Google, working for the Google’s Cloud UX team. 

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