How many engineers can explain why their user story is important to the platform? Do QA Testers understand why their tests are important to end users? How many Product Managers can confidently say their clients are in agreement with their roadmap? While growing your product and team, there’s danger around running your shop the same as when you’re smaller. In this talk, Huckleberry VP of Product and Design Brian Root-Bernstein meets with EY Global Product Manager Cory Wingerter, who speaks about the disconnect of the product teams across larger products and how to bring your teams closer to understanding the sum of the parts.

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Webinar Notes:

  1. The webinar features Cory Wingerter, an experienced product manager who worked at American Express and is now Global Product Lead at Ernst and Young.
  2. Cory emphasizes the importance of understanding and believing in the product for its growth.
  3. Building a strong team and identifying the right people with the necessary skills and personalities is crucial.
  4. Cory shares his personal journey from a customer service representative to managing a financial crimes platform.
  5. “What got you here won’t get you there” signifies the need for personal growth and adaptation as a product manager while growing your product.
  6. Topics covered include product roadmaps, planning, and transitioning from zero to one to one to 100.
  7. Understanding stakeholders, shaping the product’s message, and managing input from different parts of the organization are important.
  8. In addition, layers of leadership and ownership are necessary.
  9. Trusting and empowering leaders to make decisions and handle specific areas of expertise is crucial.
  10. Furthermore, Cory discusses challenges in managing technical documentation and minimizing gaps and risks.
  11. Investing in leaders with relationship management skills, an ownership mentality, and the ability to bring ideas to the table is essential.
  12. Delegation and establishing clear goals are essential for personal and team growth.
  13. Moreover, leaders should be equipped with the necessary tools and support.
  14. Program management and developing a product leadership team are discussed.
  15. Clear communication and defining roles and responsibilities are crucial.
  16. It is important to encourage leaders to expand their skill sets and step out of their comfort zones.
  17. Staying connected with a globally distributed team is facilitated through open channels of communication and regular meetings.
  18. Personal growth and development, attending external seminars, and making external connections are recommended.
  19. Growing your product requires quarterly discussions about plans and roadmaps. This helps adapt to changing circumstances and incorporate new insights.
About the speaker
Cory Wingerter EY, Global Product Head Member

Cory Wingerter is a tenured Global Product Manager with a demonstrated history of successful product launches across the financial services industry. His storied fintech background (B2B and Consumer) along with a B.S. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University has led him to his current position as the Global Product Head of Financial Crimes at Ernst & Young. He's currently focusing on building out their FinCrime Technology Platform with the support of his team and the rest of Client Technology at EY. Before EY, he owned the Global Dollar Card (Annual Charge Volume >$1B) at American Express. He specializes in analytics, process efficiency, global go‐to‐market, and operational excellence.

About the host
Brian Root Exploring new opportunities, Vice President of Product Management

I am a collaborative, patent-holding product executive specializing in building impactful customer-facing digital products in eCommerce, FinTech and InsureTech. I have over 12 years of experience leading and managing cross-functional product and design teams at all stages from Series A to Fortune top 2 (Amazon and Walmart). I have built and scaled teams from 0 to up to 15 individuals on several occasions, and I particularly enjoy the challenges of hiring and structuring teams. My passion as a leader has always been to unlock the potential of my reports and mentees. I strongly believe that an impactful, scalable \"what\" (the product) is the result of a strong understanding of the \"why\" (user and business needs) and \"how\" (product management and design best practices). In my non-work life, I enjoy running, cooking, dabbling in statistical modeling of sporting events, and being the best father that I can be to my baby son.

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