Scaling Growth Products: Vision, Mission, Approach

Aceable’s vision is to empower tens of millions of people with the education they need to accomplish their life goals. Specifically, if someone wants to get something accomplished, they need to take a particular curriculum and get a certification. It’s very high stakes because if you don’t do it, then you can’t achieve what you’re trying to do. Our mission is to allow folks to get the licensing and certification they need to achieve those goals. Fortunately, our approach to scaling growth products is elevating our business to new heights. Here’s a summary of the approach that we’ve used to get there.

Creating Stand-Out Products

Our driving education program focuses on 16 and 17-year-olds. Furthermore, you can actually even take the state official exam out in our app. That ability was the innovation that really catapulted Aceable into the market. Moreover, many people thought there was already “an app for that.” However, there really wasn’t a solution for these services at that time.

As a result, it’s now wildly popular with kids around the country. Furthermore, no kid wants to be in front of a computer. Instead, they want to use apps. We’ve taught around 16 million students how to drive. Plus, we’re adding around 1.5 million students a year across the country. 

Aceable Agent is the name of our real estate product. One of the things that we really obsess around is our NPS scores. In real estate, word of mouth is so important for the next person to want to buy our product. It’s something we obsess about. This is why our NPS scores average around 70. Now we have the highest pass rate in Texas for the real estate license course. 

Customer-Centric Approaches Lead To Motivation

We get real estate agents calling us to tell us that they love us. The same happens with driving students. The power of that transformative experience with the students is something that drives all of us at the company.

I like to tell everyone at the company to listen to the customer support calls. Some of the calls are people literally thanking us for their great experience. Ultimately, it’s empowering to hear – especially for budding product managers. These calls give us the motivation to move forward as we scale our growth.

This is the experience that we try to deliver to the students and they love it. Most importantly, we really care about education but also the experience of the course. If students actually have a good time taking it, they actually learn more. A lot of people ask us why you have all these jokes and stuff in the course. It’s because they actually keep people’s attention and it makes them learn it better.

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Erin Defossé is the Chief Product Officer at Aceable - responsible for building, maintaining and executing the company’s product strategy and roadmap. Prior to joining Aceable, Erin was the SVP of Product at Bazaarvoice. Prior to his product management career, he was a spacecraft mission design engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In addition, Erin is the Founder of The Magellan International School in Austin and was Co-Founder and CTO of Isochron Data. Erin holds a Masters Degree in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University - and currently lives in Austin.

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