Noom Product Lead on Unlocking Insights From Customers

The most valuable asset to a company is its customers. More often than not, when PMs help build products, the customer persona plays an

GE Digital Product Lead on Innovating with Lean Principles for Product Management

The key role of product managers is to translate customer needs into product features and those into business value. However, internal

Fmr Livemocha Co-founder on How to Plot Your Exit Strategy

Most companies don't explicitly plan on getting acquired. By the time that they decide to sell their company, it is often too late as they

Washington Post CPO & CTO on Building a Technology Startup Within a Non-Tech Company

The Washington Post has always been a journalism powerhouse. In the past decade, it’s also emerged as a technology company. This shift

Blink UX Chief Creative Officer on Inspiring Teams with Design-Led Product Development

Updated 11/24/2021 In this iteration of our Speaker Series, we welcome a creative product leader with nearly 30 years of design leadership

Discovery Education CPO on Edtech Product Design with an End in Mind

Edtech products are built to achieve specific outcomes. The goal is to empower and inspire both educators and students while utilizing

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Typeform Product Lead on Customer Centricity in a Remote World

As customers face new challenges in an increasingly remote world, product teams need to become more customer-centric. It is a fresh

Fmr Product VP on Scaled Consumer Products Online & Offline

When building consumer products, we scale features as quickly as possible. The costs and complexities associated with launching these are

Shipt Director of Product on Surge Pricing: 0 to 1

Surge pricing has gotten somewhat of a bad reputation, but it is simply one among several types of dynamic pricing. Industries from home

VOGLIO Product Lead on tactics to drive a shared product strategy

Planning, resources, and communication are incredibly important when multiple teams are touching and driving the same product. There are

Borealis AI Product Lead on Machine Learning Product Development & Business Value

Many companies race to use machine learning capabilities, eager to build on cutting-edge research and tackle business applications. As

Fmr Executive VP at Viacom/CBS on Physics, Music, and Products: Journey to CPO

The best product teams leverage diversity of thought, and product managers with a broad array of experience are usually more successful.

Executive Product & Marketing Leader on Key to Collaboration with Sales and Marketing for Product Launch

The tension between sales, marketing, and product is a normal one. All teams and their members are constantly pushing their own agendas.

Index Exchange Product Lead on PM Lessons from the History of Online Advertising

Online advertising is at the nexus of media, technology, finance, and privacy, and it's a product that you encounter every single day, but

RBC Product Leader on Product Analytics: Why, What, When, and How to Use Data to Make Great Products

Data and the skills around its management are must-know criteria for product managers. We have multiple points to track and multiple skills

Common Room Product VP on Growing Product Skills At A Startup vs. A Big Company

Product managers are always honing our craft. We’re growing product sense, ruthlessly prioritizing, creating clarity, leading by

Exact Sciences Global Product and Strategy Leader On Moving Fast and Saving Lives

Product management in the healthcare space has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Products in this sector must be both

Adobe Director of Globalization On Why Globalization Is A Sine Qua Non for Products That Count

Globalization is the art of developing awesome products and experiences for any customer around the world. Not all product leaders focus on

OCI Head of Product On Creating the Roadmap That Delights Everyone

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Experian Sr. Product Director on the Journey of a PM

There are hundreds of frameworks out there in the industry and no one size fits all. Depending on your industry, your business, your

Grammarly Global Head of Product on User-Centered Product Development

Different input signals compete for a product manager's attention every day. Technology trends and new developments, changes in the market

LifeWeb 360 Head of Product on Three Ways to Position Yourself as a Product Leader

Wherever we play in business, be it product, sales, design, or customer success, we fall in and out of love with tools and frameworks. But

How to Reach and Engage Product Managers at Scale w/ InVision

Product managers understand that finding product market fit is an art and a constant evolution. InVision, a 2021 Product Awards winner, is

The Product Awards Winners Circle w/Airtable

The 2021 Product Awards brought together the very best in digital products, highlighting the market leaders that are taking the product

A Path to the C-Suite – A Conversation with One of the 1st Ever CPOs

Chief Product Officer (CPO) is one of the newer functions within an organization as more and more companies aim to be product-led. How can

The Product Awards Winners Circle w/ InVision

The 2021 Product Awards brought together the very best in digital products, highlighting the market leaders that are taking the product

The Product Awards Winners Circle w/ Userleap

The 2021 Product Awards brought together the very best in digital products, highlighting the market leaders that are taking the product

Google Fmr Product Lead on Serving Multiple Personas in Enterprise Software

In enterprise software, there's a constant tension about which personas to prioritize solving problems for, be they end-users, admin users,

Curology Fmr Head of Product on Stakeholder Management and Product Strategy

Product Management is a cross-functional, creative, and strategic discipline and being a great product manager requires one to possess a

ClearDATA CPO on the Post-Pandemic Impact to Healthcare

There's no doubt that 2020 changed the world forever, but the impact on business, and the healthcare industry in particular, is only now

Arkadium Fmr Product VP on Product Management for Gaming Products

Gaming is a billion-dollar industry that is growing every year with games becoming an essential part of our lives. Many young professionals

GameClub COO & Head of Product on Discovering Value

Every part of the product lifecycle begins with value, be it for the user or the business. Before transferring ownership to other teams

Indeed Fmr Product Director on Balancing Product Tradeoffs

Every day a product manager has to make the hard, mission-driven decisions that keep a product steering toward its North Star. That means

Fairmarkit Head of Product on Managing People Who Manage Products

Product management can be vastly different depending on the organization, and setting a team up for success can mean very different things.

Microsoft Product Director shares Enduring Frameworks For Product Leaders

The landscape of digital products is changing at a breakneck pace. Bounding from "V-Model" hardware and software development to Machine

Workday Sr. Product Director on Building High Impact, Horizontal Products

Horizontal products have all of the challenges of regular product management, with an extra twist -- their value is only realized through

DFINITY Product VP on the Key Product Trends of the Future

There has never been a better time to make the future happen than right now. Interconnected technology trends like cloud and quantum

IdeaCloud Product VP on Escaping the Feature Factory

As product leaders, we face a seemingly bottomless pool of disjointed feature requests, unscalable customer ideas, and conflicting internal

BCG Digital Ventures Fmr Product Lead on Positive Product Values

This iteration of our Speaker Series hands the zoom to a product leader who unabashedly states that he is “obsessed with what makes a

OneClass Product Director on the Ramp Framework to Solve User Roadblocks

From the perspective of a product leader, it’s all about the user. Each decision made along the product lifecycle is laid with the user

Fivetran Product Director on Managing Product Managers

Product management is a discipline that plays a part in every stage of a company, from startups to enterprise to growth phase. In this

NCR Corp. Product Director on The Key Drivers of Product-Market Fit

This week in our product leader speaker series we brought to the virtual stage two amazing product leaders to share their expertise in

LendingTree CPO on Engagement and How to Build a Diversified Marketplace

While we say it often and say it loud, it can never be said enough: in the Age of Product, product leaders are primed to lead the charge in

Google Product Lead on Getting Executive Buy-In

Our Bay Area event this week was packed with reinforced product management best practices for when you’re preparing to get executive

ProfitWell Strategist on Pricing Models as a Strategic Lever

As Profitwell Strategist Rob Litterst states right off the bat, “between the no and low code tools, it's never been easier to start a

Transformco Fmr Ops VP on PM Approaches to Balanced Operations Success

Sometimes the most difficult part of product development is achieving a balanced operations approach that ensures success across all

Royal Bank of Canada Sr. Product Director on Driving Product Innovation at Large Organizations

Here at Products That Count, we don’t do anything half-way and March is a perfect representation of how much we love driving forward the

STRIVR CPO on being a Generalist or Specialist

In an interactive session, STRIVR CPO Yelena Drabkin gets to the heart of career management, encouraging audience members to reflect on CPO on Adaptability as a Product Leader

According to CPO Navya Rehani Gupta, the key skill that differentiates a good product leader from a great one is adaptability. In

Cognizant Product VP on Product Management Driven Digital Transformation

Without a doubt, digital acceleration was the over-arching theme of 2020. With consumers forced to stay at home, businesses had to rush to

VidMob Product VP on Creative Data in Ad Tech

Carving out a new category of in ad tech is hard enough to pull off. Add data metrics to the mix and you have a project worthy of a product

Brave VP of Services & Operations on the Rewards of Online Advertising

As a digital consumer, ads probably aren’t a favorite part of the online experience. However, as Brave VP of Operations and Services Sr. Product Director on Maximizing Product Resources

Our 2021 Speaker Series continues with Barren Castor, the Sr. Product Director at Rev, a leader in speech-to-text services with a focus on

Splunk Product Management Director on Cloud Product Adoption

This week we kicked off our 2021 Speaker Series with a fantastic session by Splunk Product Management Director, Siddharth Bhai. Pulling

Roblox Product VP on Building Product Teams from the Ground Up

Mindset and structure are two things that automatically come to mind when thinking about scaling organizations. What's the best way to

Slack Product Director on Resilience as a Product Manager

Having changed the way we do business on scales both macro and micro, there's really no way to get around the major topic of 2020. The

H&R Block Product VP on Building Customer-Focused Teams

It's easy for product teams to claim they're customer-focused, but doing the grind to get to know your user takes time, flexibility, and

Airbnb Product Lead on Turning Regulations Into Innovation

We won't be shy about it - the navigation of industry regulations can be one of the more complicated parts of managing a product. At times,

Zonar Systems Sr. Director on The Era of the Multilingual Designer

The world of product is comprised of hundreds of tribes, and they all come with their own jargon, colloquialisms, and language. Whether

Google Product Lead on Growing Customer Loyalty

Shilpa recently joined us at Products That Count to present a wonderful webinar on how organizations can grow customer loyalty. The session

Instapage/Postclick VP of Product on How to Grow a Successful Product Team

Building teams for effective product execution is truly an art form. If we’re being completely truthful, how a product leader organizes

Anheuser-Busch Fmr Product Director on Product Building Variables

Product leaders are present in every company, but the way they function within an organization can vary widely. Possessing the ability to

Rakuten Kobo Product Leader on Using Lessons to Build Frameworks

As designers and innovators, we sometimes find ourselves living in the depths of our products, focusing on the most intricate levels of

Reef Technology CTO on Evolving Product Strategy in a Time of Crisis

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been full of curveballs. With markets yo-yoing and the rules of business operations changing by the

Head of Product at Loop Commerce on Product-led Go-to-Market

Subha Shetty, Head of Product at Loop Commerce, a Synchrony company, spoke with Products that Count host, Neha Taleja, about product-led

Calendly fmr Product Head on a Career in Product Management

During the fireside chat, Microsoft Product Lead and Products That Count Seattle Chapter Head, Steven Abrahams, hosted fmr Calendly VP of

Turning Product Insights into Product Actions

During the fireside chat, Products That Count founding CEO, SC Moatti, hosted Heap Co-Founder and CEO, Matin Movassate, and had a lively

Box Product VP on the Product-Market Fit Journey

During the webinar, Alok Ojha discussed his experience pursuing product-market fit and the lessons he’d learned along the way. That way,

Etsy fmr VP & Head of on Organizing Product Teams

During the webinar, Jay Bergesen discussed how organizing product teams can often be the last thing on your mind, but the approach you take

Fmr Intercom Product Lead on Frameworks for Product Development

During the webinar, Emily Wang discussed building frameworks for product development. She used her experiences at three different business

Tindr Fmr CPO on The 3 Pillars of Product Decision-Making

During the webinar, Tindr Fmr CPO Ravi Mehta spoke about the "3 Pillars of Product Decision-Making." These include intuition, analytics,

Electric Product VP on Succeeding in a New Remote Product Role

During the webinar, Tara Goldman provided attendees a glimpse at some tips and tools available to help product managers succeed in a remote

Nordstrom Fmr Product VP on Product Strategy Fundamentals

In the webinar, Josh Platt took the proverbial stand to perform a deep dive into the importance of a solid product strategy and the core

Diversity Software CEO on Entrepreneurial Startup Lessons

In the webinar, Diversify Software CEO Roger Barlow took the time to review the entrepreneurial lessons he learned about building software

Intuit Fmr Product Director: A Matter of Product Metrics

In the webinar, Intuit Fmr Product Directo Meghna Misra took center-stage to lay out which product metrics are most important based on the Product VP on Featureless Product Roadmaps

In the webinar, Product VP Sam Kawtharani shared his insights on featureless product roadmaps vs. a traditional one. You can watch

Ripple Sr. Product Director on Bootstrapping New Ecosystems Using Blockchain

In the webinar, Ripple Sr. Product Director Craig DeWitt shared some insider insights from his time working on RippleNet on bootstrapping

Squarespace Fmr Product Lead on Building Great Creative Products

In this webinar, Asha Gupta pulls from her career building creative products to help understand how you can do the same for your

Product Leaders: Level Up to Reach the C-Suite

Great product leaders have a keen vision about how to drive business outcomes to the next level. Unfortunately, they are often tied down

The Design Gym Co-Founder on The People Part of Product

In this webinar, we dig into the various types of interactions and strategies that can help you improve on the people part of product.

HomeAway fmr Engineering VP on Data-Driven Product Management

In this webinar, HomeAway former VP of Engineering, Jon Loyens, talks about what product management is, what product management shouldn’t

Netflix fmr VP of Product Management on Product Strategy

In this webinar, former Netflix VP of Product Management, Gibson Biddle, brings frameworks to life, as he presented a mock 2020 product

Shutterstock fmr VP of Product Management on How Product Leaders Can Earn Their Seat at the Executive Table

Teachable VP of Product, Tommi Forsström, had a lot of valuable wisdom to share with product leaders who have the ambition to take their

Substantial VP of Strategy on Designing Products for Uncertainty

Substantial VP of Strategy, Sheryl Cababa, shared some incredible insights on designing products for uncertainty and systems thinking. She

mParticle Sr Director of Engineering on The Role of Engineering in Building Products

It was great to hear from Sam Dozor of mParticle as he shared the role of engineering in building great products and how they see their

Apple Head of Product on The Product Mindset Required for Greatness

Qubole former SVP and current Apple Head of Products, Mohit Bhatnagar, shared about how great PMs are polymaths and so much more about the

Etsy Product Director on Building Products in Ambiguity

As Sonia Kedzierski, Director of Product Management at Etsy, shares in her presentation, the only certainty in product management is the

Facebook Sr. Product Director on 3 Ingredients of Awesome PMs

If you think you are an awesome PM or are working to become one, this was a great presentation from former Verizon Media VP of Product

Substantial CEO asks: Are We Ethically Building Products?

In her presentation, “Are We Building Products That Are Ruining the World?” Substantial CEO Carey Jenkins said that while we are Product Director on Building v1 of a Product

In her presentation, Product Director, Parul Goel, shares her experience building v1 of a product from scratch at PayPal. She

GoDaddy Sr. Director on Dissecting Product Data

The presentation from GoDaddy Sr. Director Katie van Zyl focused less on numbers crunching and was more focused on how to set yourself up

Peninsula Strategies Founder on Product Management for Subscription Products

The original presentation on subscription products that Baxter planned to give took on a new life in the face of a global pandemic.

Shopify Sr. Product Lead on Finding Product-Market Fit

The webinar focused not only on finding product-market fit but discussed what is happening with product-market fit amidst a global

Amazon fmr Product Lead on How To Do Customer-Focused Product Management

Karthik Sankar went into detail on what goes into customer-focused product management. We recommend watching the entire video of the

Dun & Bradstreet CPO on Building AI Products

Chitrang Shah ran through many lessons learned from building the first generation of AI products. It’s worth checking out the entire

Product Awards Winners on Building Award-Winning Products

Heap Director of Product Management, Vijay Umapathy; Draftbit Co-Founder & CTO Peter Piekarczyk; and UserTesting Director of Product,

Smartsheet Product VP on How to Make Product Decisions

Smartsheet Product VP Nitin T. Bhat talked at length about how to make product decisions. The entire recording of the webinar is worth a

Dell EMC fmr Product VP on Blue Ocean Product Strategy

Dell EMC former Product VP, David Noy, talked in great detail about blue ocean product strategy and even defined what a blue ocean is

Oracle SVP of UX on Product Design Meets Product Management

As product design matures as a discipline, it has the potential to partner or conflict with established product management disciplines. All

Intuit fmr Product Lead on Product Testing: Learn Fast, Fail Small

Product testing is an essential part of building successful products. Former Product Lead at Intuit and current MLSE Director of Product

Datasite CPO on Making Winning Products

Winning products make successful companies and Datasite CPO, Thomas Fredell, had a lot to share with the attendees at his Speaker Series

Pager fmr Product SVP on Managing Product-Focused Bosses

Andrew MacGill shared his insight that he's gained as the former Pager SVP of Product on handling product-focused bosses and more in great

Brightline CEO & Founder on Defining the Modern Product Executive

Brightline CEO and Founder, Naomi Allen, talked at great length about Modern Product Executives and the evolution of product leaders. You

Yelp Data Science VP on What You Need To Know About Data Science Products

To learn all about Data Science Products and the role they play in product management, you should watch the whole video from Justin

Building Product Teams, not Products

To learn all about building Product Teams, we highly recommend watching the video of Alex Diaz’s Speaker Series presentation. There were

Microsoft Outlook Product Lead on Product Launch: Getting 100M Users

If you watch the video or read on, Microsoft Outlook Product Lead, Michael Palermiti, discusses the product launch for Outlook and what it

Coursera Sr. Product Director on Product Pricing as a Product Feature

Product Pricing as a Product Feature A staggering 72 percent of new product innovations fail to reach their revenue goals. As Coursera Sr.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 3)

Product Development & What Your Customer Is Buying In product development, it's all about what your customer is buying. This is not

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 2)

Before diving in, check out part 1 of this blog series! In Product Development, W3 Is A Framework To Figure Out This is essentially the

Understanding How Data Can Drive Positive Customer Experiences

Why Data Matters for Customer Experience People tell you that customer data is everything and every area of your business needs to be

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development

Author, adventure enthusiast, and TechStars Managing Director Amos Schwartzfarb led a discussion in Austin in November highlighting how

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager (Part 3)

Steps to Improve Customer Retention: Run Small Experiments How does running small experiments fit int the steps to improve customer

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager (Part 2)

The Short and Long of Improving Customer Retention When it comes to the short-term of improving customer retention, there are two

Flexport Executive Damon Dean Tackles Building Your Product Strategy For Success (Part 3)

4. When It Comes To Product Strategy, It’s Never Too Early To Test Product strategy is all about testing. If you think it’s too early

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager

What are the steps to improve customer retention? Good retention is the result of customer obsession. You have to talk about customer needs

Flexport Executive Damon Dean Tackles Building Your Product Strategy For Success (Part 2)

How do you build your product strategy for success? As the former Product VP at DocuSign, Damon Dean set out to answer this question. The 4

Flexport Executive Damon Dean Tackles Building Your Product Strategy For Success

Damon Dean's roadmap approach ties into answering the question of building your product strategy for success. I started taking a look at

Yammer fmr VP of Product on Operationalizing Viral Loops

Operationalizing Viral Loops: Nail Product Market Fit First, Then Work On Growth A viral product is great because it means that you are

LearnVest Director of Product on Building Through Digital Transformation

Life Insurance Is A Long Term Operation In 2016 I was looking to get back into working for a larger organization to try to do something

Microsoft Product Director on Customer Experience Insights (Part 3): 3 Big Questions

I don't know if anyone else has had this horrible experience. And I don't know if this is a major issue that Tesla actually needs to go

Microsoft Product Director on Customer Experience Insights (Part 2): Customer Journey

High-Level Journey Map So with that in mind, I want to talk about journey mapping. We're not going to go deep into the journey mapping

Citrix Fmr Product Lead on The Truths of Enterprise Product Management (Part 3)

Now let's talk about the cool things about the enterprise space and product management. Here are my five benefits for working in B2B that

Citrix Fmr Product Lead on The Truths of Enterprise Product Management (Part 2)

In this part of the series, I'll share five cons about enterprise product management. In the next part, I’ll share five things that are

Microsoft Product Director on Customer Experience Insights for PMs

The Importance of Customer Retention Customer experience is a term that gets thrown around a lot. It can mean a lot of different things in

Building For The Gig Economy: Part 2, Software and Service

How Favor Works for Customers What is the product at Favor? It's mainly software. We have roughly 20 software products at Favor because

Becoming A Product Owner, Part 3: Optimism to Drive Ownership

When we moved into the house, we had a vision for what it would look like over time. Soon we slowly started filling the house up. At some

Favor Delivery Product Lead on Building For The Gig Economy

Building Apps for the Gig Economy I love what I do because I get to blend creative energy with a technical need to build apps and products.

Citrix Fmr Product Lead on The Truths of Enterprise Product Management

Giving B2B Some Recognition My name is Renee Koga, the Head of Product at the cybersecurity startup Nyotron. I've been in the product space

Becoming a Product Owner, Part 2: Be Customer Obsessed, Not Competitor Focused

After I bought our house, we had a competitor. The competitor was our neighbor next door that had this beautiful swing. I concluded that we

DoorDash Product VP On Becoming A Product Owner

"One of the things that I talk a lot about is the difference between what I call a product owner and a product renter. I believe that

Building Startups vs Products, Part 3: Focusing on Capital

The final focus that a founder needs to pay attention to is capital. Obviously, without money you can't do much, so capital needs to be a

Building Startups vs Products, Part 2: Focusing on Product and Customers

Getting Products Made For Your Customers Founders need to focus on four things when building a startup: teams, products, customers, and

Blue Apron Fmr Product VP on Building Startups vs Products

I want to talk about the difference between building startups vs. products. However, in order for you to understand my perspective I need

Building From Idea To Business, Part 3: Finding TAM and Building an MVP

Now, let's talk about TAM (Total Addressable Market). Find Your TAM With Customers In my opinion, your customer interviews are the best

Building From Idea To Business: Creating Your Team and Validating Your Idea

The concept of team fit centers around the notion that you are the chief instigator. Let’s say you came up with a business idea and

Amperity fmr Product Lead on Building From Idea To Business

Last year I decided I was going to build my own company. I'm very fortunate to have friends who are founders and CEO's of successful

Building an Innovative Culture: The DEL Model

Netflix FMR Product VP on Building an Innovative Culture (Part 3) The DEL Model: Design, Edit, Live When you’re out there trying to

Netflix Fmr Product VP on Building an Innovative Culture

Three Different Cultures Let’s say you have to choose between one of these three companies based on their culture.  Company A:Keeps

Building an Innovative Culture: Netflix Culture Deck

A Netflix Timeline In order to understand the culture created at Netflix, we first need to look at its timeline.  1998: Reed Hastings

Working Through Distractions With Super Focus: Using Tools and Pacts To Your Advantage

Nurses Tackle Distraction In The Workplace There comes a point in which all this communicating becomes destructive towards our work output.

Working Through Distractions With Super Focus: The Relationship Between Traction and Distraction

Part 2 The Problem of Distraction Is Not New Becoming indistractable is the skill of this century. This is the macro skill that we need in

Bestselling Author Nir Eyal on Working Through Distractions With Super Focus

Today I am going to talk about this question of distractions. As you have likely seen over the past several years, it seems like we are

Products Meet Culture: Changing Legacy Systems

Sam’s Club Product Lead on Product Meets Culture (Part 3) Product Managers and Legacy Systems With companies that are 20 years or older,

Products Meet Culture: Product Goals and Establishing Value

Sam’s Club Product Lead on Product Meets Culture (Part 2) Know Your Role  The longer an organization's been around the more complex

Sam’s Club Product Lead on Product Meets Culture

Product Meets Culture: Advantages To Large Organizations and Key Principles to Follow (Part 1) Companies Need to Adapt What do Walgreens,

Customer Feedback Loops: Acting On Mechanisms

Expedia Fmr. Product Lead On Managing Customer Feedback Loops (Part 3) I'd like to give some mechanisms and frameworks on how to act on

Growth Products: Applying Your Pillars & Flywheel

When you look at your product roadmap, pillars and flywheels play together to help you execute the business strategy of a company. It will

Customer Feedback: Using Journey Maps

Expedia Fmr. Product Lead On Managing Customer Feedback Loops (Part 2) You can learn more about customer feedback loops by going to a

Expedia Fmr. Product Lead On Managing Customer Feedback Loops

No matter what your role is in a company, you either elicit or provide feedback. However, I think a lot of people see customer feedback

Growth Products: Knowing Your Pillars & Flywheel

In order to scale growth products, you need to know your pillars. Specifically, pillars are the things that a company does all the time in

Aceable CPO on Scaling Growth Products From V1

Scaling Growth Products: Vision, Mission, Approach Aceable’s vision is to empower tens of millions of people with the education they need

Full Stack Development: Finding Your Product Dharma

Brilliant Home Product Director on Building A Full Stack (Part 3) "One term that I talk about a lot is "dharma." To me, product dharma

Scientific Products: Going Deep Into Product Strategy

Modern Fertility CEO on Building Scientific Products (Part 3) "In developing our product strategy, we started with an existing laboratory

Full Stack Development: Expectations, Necessary Tools

Brilliant Home Product Director on Building A Full Stack (Part 2) When I use the term full stack, you probably think about engineering.

Brilliant Home Product Director on Building A Full Stack

Full Stack Development: Product Vision Currently, I work at Brilliant Home to create smart home solutions. When looking at our full stack

Expedia Product Lead on Building & Learning As A Product Manager

Product Manager Success: Growth & Curiosity I’ve been working in software for 30 years. I started out at Apple Computer and later

Oscar Health Product Lead on Understanding Product Users

Product Users: Start With The Journey Four years ago, I joined a young ambitious startup called Oscar that was tackling health insurance.

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot

Company Pivot: Dealing With Change How do you deal with chaos? How do you lead when everything is falling apart? We all like to imagine the

Pandora Product Lead on Building Digital Marketing Products

Digital Marketing: Challenging Traditional Models Are you familiar with "deep value" advertising? Unlike early forms of digital marketing,

Casper CXO on Brand Building That Counts

How Brand Building Leads to Business Success Casper is a sleep company - designing products and experiences that help the world sleep

Artefact Creative Lead on Systems Thinking Meets Product

Systems Thinking: Broader Impact on Product At Artefact, we’re developing systems thinking and causal loops methods. Our work focuses on

Vrbo CPO on Using Data To Be Customer-Centric

Data + Platform = Customer-Centric To create customer-centric products and delightful experiences, data must be central to your strategy.

Asana Board Member on Building A Product Career

Aligning Your Product Career with Company Stages Product career decisions are big decisions. How do you apply a product mindset to your own

Slack Product Lead on Product Meets Improv

Improv Hacks For PMs: Culture of Innovation As a product manager, soft skill development is essential for operating at a high level. Most

theSkimm CPO on Building Product Loyalty

Product Loyalty: Building For "Skimmers" Imagine an audience that wants to eat up everything you do. How do you serve them and generate

Experian Product Lead on When To Ignore User Feedback

User Feedback: To Follow...Or Not To Follow? First, I believe it’s okay to ignore your users Furthermore, you might even want to do it

Microsoft Product Lead on Jobs To Be Done Transformation

Jobs To Be Done Theory & Product Transformation When I joined Bing Ads about six years ago, it was a fairly dark time for the product.

Shutterfly Product VP on The Power of Personalization

Why Scalable Personalization Matters According to Infosys, 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it has a noticeable

Slack Product Lead on Building A Non-Technical Product Career

Product Career: Everyone Starts As "Non-Technical" Not every product career begins with a purely-technical background. In other words, the

UserTesting fmr Product VP on User-Centric Design

The Foundation of User-Centric Design Product management lives at the intersection of technology, business and design. Recently, the

Authentic Design Founder on Swarm Design

The Origins of Swarm Design I spent a long time at Microsoft as Director of UX in the Design Excellence Team. Before that, I was a tenured

Snap Kitchen fmr Product Lead on Managing Complex Products

Complex Products: Building Successful Brands When I was at Snap Kitchen, we invested a lot of time in customer research to optimize complex Product VP on Driving Product Velocity

Product Velocity: Eliminating Mediocrity In a matter of seconds, every product manager can name their product features that are mediocre

Salesforce Health Cloud Product VP on Product Platforms

The Power of Product Platforms In many ways, product platforms represent many of the most widely-used solutions that people use every day.

Shutterstock Product VP on E-Commerce Growth

Fill The Funnel: The Business of E-Commerce During my career, I've been fortunate to work on some of the largest e-commerce platforms -

Microsoft fmr Product Lead on Product Research

Product Research: Enhancing Product Without Budget Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to work in a variety of organizations that

RetailMeNot fmr Product VP on Product Strategy

The Definition of Product Strategy Let's be real - it's hard to produce consistent results without a clear product strategy. In my career,

Fitbit fmr Product Lead on Product Manager Standouts

Great Product Managers Take Risks As product managers, it's important for us to take a step back and think about the biggest impacts we've

Uber fmr Product Lead on Measuring PM Performance

PM Performance: Business Growth vs. Personal Growth When product managers think about performance, there's a tendency to think about how

Bazaarvoice Product VP on Problem Solving

Problem Solving Through Design Thinking As product managers, we are all in the problem-solving business. In other words, our goal is to

Justworks Product SVP on Product Expansion

Product Expansion: More Than Just New Products When most people think about product expansion, the first thought that comes to mind is

Zillow fmr Product Lead on Low-Velocity Products

Low-Velocity Products: What's Your Frequency? This may seem a little odd, but I'm going to start by asking a question about something you

Flatiron Health Product VP on Building Trust

Building Trust: Questions You Need To Answer Whether you're starting your product career or have reached the C-suite, there's nothing more

TechCrunch fmr Product Lead on Legacy Products

Legacy Products: Defining Their Advantages As a product manager, I'm sure you don't hear legacy products talked about very often. The

Doppler Labs fmr CEO on Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology: Balancing Innovation & Culture When I set out to start what became Doppler Labs, I didn't know anything about

Headspace Product VP on Voice Technology

Voice Technology: Modernizing Original Communication It's time to go all the way back to the very beginning. Prior to the advent of

Alexa fmr UX Product Lead on Building Voice Products

Voice Products: It's All About Cultural Context When talking about voice products, it's important to consider the motivation for using

Facebook AR/VR Lead on Effective Product Design

Product Design 101: How To Work With Designers One of the most common questions that get from product managers is, "how do I work with

Crossing The Chasm Leader on Product Launch Planning

Product Launch Question 1: Where Are We Today? Any well-planned product launch doesn't happen overnight. From roadmapping to A/B

Floodgate Founder on Building For Growth Products

Common Hurdles For Building Growth Products We routinely hear stories of growth products from startups that "hit it big" seemingly out of

Nordstrom Tech SVP on E-Commerce

Balancing E-Commerce With Brick & Mortar Retail For years, the transaction process at traditional retail stores has followed a linear

Medium Product VP on Skills For Product Managers

Product Managers Must Be Curious (About Everything) Let’s face it – product managers have the best job in the world. I say that because

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills (Part 3)

While having a broad range of skills is important for product managers, we all need to find an area of expertise that we can "own." The

Stripe Lead Product Manager on Managing Product Managers

Success Drivers For Product Managers "How do I get to manage product managers?" This is the question that I'm most often asked by product

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills (Part 2)

I like to describe being a product manager as being like water - you end up filling in all the gaps. By its very nature, our role covers a

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills

As product managers, we juggle many roles and take on a variety of tasks. With this, it can be difficult to identify our strengths.

Expedia fmr Product VP on Design Thinking

Design Thinking: Paradox of Choice Today, product managers are confronted by the "paradox of choice" in design thinking. First

Gainsight CPO on Product Management

Product Management: Perpetual to SaaS In today's product management world, you can't just be a product expert. You need to be an expert on

Box CPO on Product Design

Product Design Lessons: #1 - 3 In Silicon Valley, we are at the forefront of setting best practices for product design. In other words, we

One Kings Lane Product VP on Career Roadmap

Career Roadmap: Start With Your Vision Before we review how to build your career roadmap, it's best to review the basics of

Rover CTO on Product Management

Product Management: Implementation Plans Working at Rover, our product management team uses implementation plans to map out projects. This

Instagram Product Head on Product Design

Product Design: Creating Better Ads Back in 2013, Instagram launched its very first advertisement - a major innovation for the platform's

Coinbase CPO on Design Thinking

Disrupting Industries With Design Thinking Before the Great Fire of London in 1666, fire insurance was not viewed as a necessity for fmr VP on Product Design

Product Design For Those In Need In the spirit of talking about “products that count,” my current role at Crisis Text Line is all about

Snapchat Product Lead on Product Management

Product Management: Platform vs. Service Within the product management world, you hear a lot of discussion about “platform.” In other

YouTube Product Lead on Team Building

Team Building: Culture of Humanity When I worked at SurveyMonkey, our management team was rooted in the culture of humanity. Our CEO (Dave

Asana VP on Product Design

Product Design: Working vs. Coordinating In most product design workstreams, product managers and project managers prefer to use different

WEconnect CEO on Mobile Product Design

Product Inspiration: A Sheet of Paper and Bad Odds The genesis for WEconnect’s mobile product design came from my personal experience as

Fitbit fmr EVP on Product Manager Skills

Product Manager 101: Skillset and Mindset Everything that I have learned over the past 25 years as a product manager has come from

Slack Product Lead on Growth Products

Retention: Growth Beyond Acquisition Product growth is not only getting more users to try your product in the short term. We need to be

SoulCycle VP on Product Management

Culture Change Starts With Talent When I started at SoulCycle, product management was like the Wild Wild West. Things were moving very

Inc 30 Under 30 on Creating Addictive User Products

Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 and Envested founding CEO Isa Watson shares key concepts that allowed her to create an intuitive platform

Google UX Lead on Design Thinking

Today’s Leading Voices in Design Thinking Ethics If you are a product designer, you won't see the terms “design ethics” or

Google Product VP on AI Product Design

Early AI Product Design - Virage My career in AI product design started with a company called Virage - which I started with college friends

GoPro fmr Product VP on Product Marketing

Product Marketing Built By Community When GoPro started in 2009, our timing could not have been better. The social media tailwind was in

NYT Leader on Product Development

The Foundation for New Product Development Discussing innovation through product development can involve many different teams. At The New

Amazon Music Leader on Product Design

Eliminate Friction in Product Design We have been listening to music for many years. Specifically, digital music has made it easier than

Stitch Fix Product VP on Product Roadmap

Roadmap 101: What It Is, Why Your Product Needs It In simple terms, a product roadmap is a document that outlines how you get from point A

Quartz Product Head on Team Building

Team Building: Assess, Audit (A), Build (B) The foundation for successful team building is all about people. However, people are more

Convoy CPO on Product Development

Making An Impact With Product Development The starting point for product development is figuring out what you’re trying to accomplish. In

Atlassian fmr Head of Growth on Growth Products

Find Your Market For Growth Products Successful growth products can flourish in a variety of market sizes. The key is understanding the

RSA fmr Growth Lead on Scaling Deep-Tech Products

Netflix fmr VP on Brand Positioning

The Foundation For Brand Positioning There are plenty of reasons to envy Netflix - most notably because it’s hard to copy. From

1stdibs CPO on Career Path

Start Your Career Path: Find The Right Job To set up your professional life for success, it’s important to be deliberate about your

8Ninths CEO on Virtual Products

Virtual Products 101: VR, AR, MR When people talk about virtual products, they tend to think of a full-on VR experience. In reality, there

Etsy fmr CPO on Growth Products

The Framework for Growth Products As product managers, we need to think about growth products as salespeople. There’s a common stereotype

Apple Music fmr VP on Product Design

There’s More To Product Design Than Just Data When it comes to product design, using data is pretty much a given at this point. We all

HuffPo Fmr Product Head on Product Design

Product Design Drives News Engagement More people are visiting news sites than ever before. However, the problem is that they're not

LinkedIn Fmr Product Head on 5 Lessons to Fast Track your Career

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Hear what LinkedIn fmr Product VP Joff Redfern would

Box fmr SVP on Enterprise Software

Origins of Enterprise Software Larry Ellison (co-founder of Oracle) and Bob Miner are responsible for creating the very first framework for

General Assembly CPO on Product Management

Product Management: Friction In the end, mitigating friction and understanding pain points for customers will add a human touch to your

2017 Holiday Party: Product Manager Skills

Product Manager Skills from Four Product Leaders Jackie Bavaro (Asana Head of Product) I was on the debate team in high school and

Dropbox Product Head on Crafting an Authentic Product Strategy

How do you go about building a great product? Being today's “Uber for X” works great, some of the time. But following the path of

Netflix fmr-Product VP Gib Biddle on how to go from strategy to execution

Product Strategy and Execution How do you reconcile vision and execution? Netflix Former Product VP Gibson Biddle shares the two models he

MOO CPO on Driving Growth Through Non-Customer Understanding

Driving Growth Through Non-Customer Understanding Businesses and product managers love to shout about being “data-driven.” Data is

Instacart Product VP on Growth Products

Growth Products: Understand Your Business Stage As product leaders, it's safe to assume that we are all focused on growing our business.

TransferWise Product Lead on Building Products with Distributed Teams

Building Products with Distributed Teams You can manage a roadmap easily in a small colocated team; but how do you maximize impact when

eBay European Product Development Director on How to Build Strong Agile Foundations

Building Strong Agile Foundations Agile transformations are about people. Frameworks and practices can help, but a successful

Virta Health Founder on Product North Star

Product North Star: Work With Purpose When setting your product north star, it's easy to think about the size of the prize in dollars.

XO Group EVP of Product on a PM’s Superpower—User Science

User Science as a Superpower Successful product managers help their organizations identify and build magical products. These products solve

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products with Nir Eyal

Building Habit-Forming Products What makes some products so engaging while others flop? Nir Eyal explains the psychology behind the

Oculus Head of Product Design Engineering on How to Turbocharge Product Development

Turbocharge Product Development Master the art of prototyping by learning six core principles honed by Oculus Design Engineering Head

CharlieHR Founding CEO Rob O’Donovan on Building Consumer-Centric Business Software

Building Workplace Software Why do we have different standards for our tech products dependent on context? Why do we expect beautiful and

Slack Product Lead on Excellence Under Uncertainty

Product Excellence Under Uncertainty Product excellence and software is hard. Getting the product right is challenging enough, and unless

Warby Parker fmr CPO on Personalization

Personalization Is All About Perspective You've probably heard the term "personalization" come up at your organization in recent years.

Sunday Times fmr Product Head Paul Jackson on Making Anyone Use Your Product

Make Anyone Use Your Product The success of a product is increasingly defined by the 'why' someone will use a product, over the 'how' it

Instagram Growth Lead on How to Set Product Goals that Matter

Set Product Goals that Matter Teams do their best work, collaborate more efficiently, and are highly motivated when there are clear metric

Facebook Client Council Member on Getting Your First Million Mobile Users

Getting Your First Million Mobile Users Joel Freeman, Co-Founder of Mobula, talks about how to launch products that attract millions of

Asana Product Lead on Executing Masterful Product Launches

Executing Masterful Product Launches Small, iterative launches are widely considered best practice for product development, and is the

Unlocking Product-Driven Sources of Growth

How do you go about unlocking growth as your product reaches broader and broader audiences, crosses borders and solves big, global

Eventbrite Growth VP on how to Build a Billion-Dollar Marketplace From Scratch

Build a Billion-Dollar Marketplace Marketplaces are changing the way we work, buy, travel and more. Their business model could well be the

Upwork CEO's journey from Product Development to CEO of a $Bn-marketplace

How do you go from product development to running a marketplace that creates thousands of jobs and is valued at over $1Bn? Upwork CEO

Google/Apple fmr-exec Kim Scott on Leading Without Losing Your Humanity

Leading others, influencing, giving feedback is part of every product manager's job, but it can make people uncomfortable. Criticizing

Marketo VC Investor on Go-To-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market Strategy: Avoid The Missing Link In my career, I have been very fortunate to invest in startups that have gone on to be

2016 Holiday Party: Great Product Design

Product Design At Its Best SC Moatti (Products That Count Founder) Today, we are much more connected to mobile products. In other words,

Pricing guru Madhavan Ramanujam on Designing Products Around Price

Companies invest billions of dollars in designing new products every year, but more than 70% of those products fail to monetize

Uber Frmr Product Exec on Building Products at Scale

What are the fundamentals of building great products at scale Former Uber product exec Frederique Dame reveals why it is critical to have a

Netflix fmr Product VP on Career Hacks for Product Leaders

Career Hacks for Product Leaders Product leaders seem to have it all within the product. But, how does a new product manager start or hack

Google AI VP on AI Products

AI Products: Using Data Effectively We live in an increasingly mobile-first world. People are using mobile technology on a daily basis in

Slack head of growth Merci Victoria Grace on constantly beginning

How do you bring new users on board in ways that keeps them coming back? Slack head of growth Merci Victoria Grace reveals the secrets

Product visionary Kintan Brahmbhatt on The Amazon Way

Amazon started as an online book store and today, it's a leading retailer and cloud computing giant. What are the secrets behind Amazon's

Growth Hacker Vincent Dignan on Growth Hacking Best Practices

Growth Hacking Best Practices How do you go from zero to thousands of users overnight? How do you quickly grow a community online? How do

Forbes top 100 VC Tim Chang on Messaging is Eating the World

Conversation and messaging-based interfaces are becoming the new norm in the post-app economy for next-generation mobile services, commerce

Author Geoff Moore on Disruptive Innovation

Innovation: Scarce/Expensive to Ubiquitous/Cheap I'm sure that many people have told you, "we're living in an amazing time." While this may

Mobile pioneer SC Moatti on the formula for mobile success

This 3-min video gives the highlights of the Mobile Formula, the 3 rules behind making a successful mobile product. We so identify with our

Netflix ex-Product VP Gib Biddle on Netflix from Good to Great

Taking Netflix From Good to Great How do you build products and brands people love? Netflix' ex-VP Product, Gib Biddle, shares how his

Udemy CPO on Disrupting Knowledge

Disrupting Knowledge In a world that keeps changing faster, knowledge becomes obsolete quickly and big institutions like Harvard struggle

Products That Count holiday party

We are psyched to invite you to a special holiday party. How special? 1. Super speaker line up--> viral growth wiz Karen X. Cheng, who

Slack's ex-PM Kenneth Berger on Growth Strategies

Slack Growth Strategies Slack growth has showed no signs of slowing down. In only two short years, Slack has become one of the

Lyft CMO Kira Wampler on Everyday Disruption

Everyday Disruption Everyday disruption is tough. How do you go about disrupting daily habits that haven't changed in decades, such as

GrowthHackers CEO Sean Ellis on Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking: "Unicorn" Lessons In recent years, growth hacking has emerged as a top priority for modern product organizations. We all

TiVo Design Chief Margret Schmidt on Disrupting TV

Disrupting TV How do you create disruption in a complex ecosystem? Is an aggressive stand against the industry, such as Uber's, the only

myFitnessPal Marketing VP Tara-Nicholle Nelson on How to Disrupt Yourself

Disrupt Yourself How do you dramatically change your personal habits, from health to finance, career and happiness? myFitnessPal marketing

Facebook Analytics VP on Big Data

Big Data 101: The Holistic View When I first joined Facebook, the company was not effectively leveraging data to make informed product

Bestselling author Nir Eyal on how to build habit forming products

In an age of ever-increasing distractions, quickly creating customer habits is an important characteristic of successful products. How do

Trulia Founder Sami Inkinen on How to Achieve the Impossible

Achieve the Impossible How do you actually go about achieving what most people think is completely impossible? Trulia founder Sami Inkinen

Architect of Uber and Yelp Offices Primo on the Workplace of the Future

The Workplace of the Future A well-designed workplace is critical to attract A-players and build at first-class culture. The traditional

KISSmetrics Founder Hiten Shah on How to Create Better Products Faster

Create Better, Faster Products How do you know what to build next? Whether you've just got an idea or already have users/customers, you're

Facebook Head of Mobile Jocelyn Goldfein on How to Create Great Tech Teams

Create Great Tech Teams Facebook's ex-head of mobile development Jocelyn Goldfein shares best practices in building great software

Behavioral Economist Bella Rozenkrants on Why You Are What You Buy

You Are What You Buy By popular demand, we are bringing another bright member of Dan Ariely's Irrational Labs to discuss the impact

Product Guru Rich Mironov on How Product Managers Make Your Business Scale

Early stage startups typically don't have dedicated product managers / product owners.  But once they get to 30 people or have a few

Design Visionary Mike Kuniavsky on Cloud Meets Internet of Things

Cloud Meets the Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoT) devices do not exist on their own. IoT devices are almost always closely

CROmetrics Founder on Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate: Measurable ROI Today, growth hacking is top of mind for every organization. There are many ways to advance your business

Hummingbird Co-Founder on Money by Design

Money by Design Money is deeply intertwined with our culture, our relationships, and our choices. Money has been around in various forms

Brand Name Expert Alexandra Watkins on Creating Buzz

Creating Brand Names with Buzz First of all, one of the most critical decisions for new products is—its name. Our guest this month is

Mobile Growth Hacker Yann Kronberg Shares Best Practices

Mobile Growth Best Practices Mobile growth expert Yann Kronberg shares his best practices in hacking mobile growth. We all know user

Data Scientist Reveals How Information Spreads on Facebook

How Information Spreads Information spreads fast on Facebook. We see that many social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have a

Product Guru Dan Olsen on Lean Products Analytics

Lean Products Analytics By now, almost everyone is familiar with Lean Startup. A lot of people find themselves trying to iterate through

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