Money by Design

Money is deeply intertwined with our culture, our relationships, and our choices. Money has been around in various forms since the foundations of human civilization, but the way we interact with it has been changing rapidly over the last decade. New technologies, analytics, and digital currencies are all evolving our relationship with money and pose many questions: What are some of the influences that are changing our interaction with money? Why is there a sudden focus of attention on digital currencies like Bitcoin? How will the way we experience money change in the future? How does product design impact all of this?
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About the speaker
Joe Robinson Hummingbird, Chief Executive Officer Member

Joe Robinson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hummingbird. Prior to launching Hummingbird, Joe was the VP of Product at Circle, a company in the emerging digital currency space. Previously, he worked at Square, where he was product lead for Square Dashboard and Square Market.