Silicon Valley may be getting its new Oscars: The Product Awards

Based on months of research and insights from thousands of product leaders, The Product Awards is an invite-only ceremony. It gathers some of the most accomplished product execs to toast the best products for product managers. Attendees include CPOs/Product VPs from Coinbase, Instagram, JUUL, Visa, Walmart and more.

About the Award Advisory Board

The Awards Advisory Board is in charge of selecting the award categories, nominees and finalists for the Awards. This is an honor reserved for the most gifted and passionate of our crew members. We are thrilled to announce 2020 Award Advisory Board Members! 

Christina Lucey, Credit Karma Associate Director of Product Management and Product Talk Host

Christina is a product leader with a passion for crafting. After six internships and four years studying computer science at the University of Waterloo, she found product management. After a few years of building a foundation in execution, she launched her first product at BlackBerry in 2011. Since then she been hooked on crafting new digital things ever since. Her efforts on growth and mobile helped propel Yammer towards acquisition. Following that, Christina headed up product at early stage companies twice. Currently she’s at Credit Karma where she is the leader for new product initiatives. When she’s not crafting products or podcasting, you can find her reading, cooking, working on her fitness, or channeling her inner Martha Stewart.

Laura Burkhauser, Rent The Runway Director of Product Management and Editorial Contributor. 

Laura Burkhauser is the Director of Consumer Product at Rent The Runway. She leads product teams that work on RTR’s subscription offerings, personalization features, growth strategy, digital community, and mobile app. Prior to joining Rent The Runway, Laura worked on growth and revenue product at Le Tote, and on the Prime team at Amazon. She got her start in strategy at Teach For America and The Bridgespan Group. Laura holds an MBA from The University of California Berkeley, and currently lives in New York City.

Anthony Atlas, ClimateAI Head of Product and Product Talk Host

Anthony Atlas is the Head of Product at ClimateAI which is accelerating climate resilience in food, water, and energy. Prior to joining ClimateAI, Anthony was Head of Strategy at Ceres Imaging. He also co-founded an enterprise SaaS startup Bloodhound. By the age of 26 he raised $5M of venture capital, and built out a team of 25 people. He is also a co-organizer of the Urban AgTech group, and co-founder of Sitting Matters. 

Neha Taleja, Macmillan Senior Director of Product, and San Jose Head of Chapter

Neha is the Senior Director of Product at Macmillan. She is leading a set of start-up products under the institutional group aimed to address challenges in higher education such as affordability of educational materials, retention and student success. She has been building, growing and scaling products in the ed-tech space for the past decade. Her experience ranging from course-ware solutions, student facing applications, to analytics and insights tools for decision makers. She has also had the honor to contribute in the non-profit sector, bridging access to quality education gap in underserved communities in over 13 countries. 

Britt Myers, GameClub COO and Editorial Contributor

An experienced and creative entrepreneur and product leader, Britt Myers has developed an impressive resume of business successes in media and technology production. Currently, Britt is the COO and Head of Product at GameClub, a premium platform for mobile gaming. In 2014, Myers partnered with Stephanie Dua as co-founder and Chief Product Officer of ed-tech startup Homer. Homer is the #1 Learn-To-Read program powered by your child’s interests; an educational app for iOS and web that teaches a child to read and develops crucial early childhood cognitive skills.

About the speaker
The Editorial Desk at Products That Count Products That Count, Editor Administrator

Products that Count is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps everyone build great products. It celebrates product excellence through coveted Awards that inspire 500,000+ product managers and honor great products and the professionals responsible for their success. It accelerates the career and rise to the C-suite of >30% of all Product Managers globally by providing exceptional programming – including award-winning podcasts and popular newsletters – for free. It acts as a trusted advisor to all CPOs at Fortune 1000, and publishes key insights from innovative companies, like Capgemini, SoFi, and Amplitude, that turn product success into business success.

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