We’ve been on a bit of a journey here at Products That Count. First, we shared with you how we went about defining the problem that Products That Count aims to solve. Then, we walked you through our process for creating a solution that Products That Count was uniquely positioned to solve as a market leader with the official debut of our Product Acceleration Platform

A Quick Refresher on the Problem

Before we explain what a Product Acceleration Platform is, it’s probably a good idea to check in on the problem it solves. Remember, we’re now in the Age of Product, where the best products win.

Ineffective product management comes at a cost. For starters, one in three product launches fail. Additionally, there is a 30 percent lost engineering throughput and significant missed revenue. The success of digital transformations is threatened by low-performing product teams.

The New Thing: A Different Solution

Our Product Acceleration Platform enables any organization to learn the craft of product management through a personalized, scalable approach.

A Product Acceleration Platform has 3 distinct capabilities:

  • A breadth of world-class content from influential product executives at the most innovative companies. 
  • Depth on product topics from all industries, geographies, and stages of maturity. 
  • Progressive programs to continuously stay sharp, deepen knowledge and grow impact. 

The combination of these three capabilities is what sets the Product Acceleration Platform apart from other solutions that attempt to solve ineffective product management.

Why it’s Different

A one size fits all solution just won’t cut it anymore. 

Our approach is scalable, for companies big and small. It’s personalized, with unique content that is tailored to your product teams. It’s also a continuous learning experience, with new content being refreshed monthly.

We also understand that everyone learns differently. That’s why we offer content in many forms. There is content available to be consumed by listening, watching, reading, or interacting live at a webinar or during an AMA.

What’s Included in the Product Acceleration Platform

It’s no secret that Products That Count has been creating incredible resources for product managers and leaders for years. 

More recently, we’ve even added some new offerings to help product teams and leaders. The Product Acceleration Platform is the umbrella under which all of these offerings exist.

We empower more than 300,000 product managers and leaders with the help of hundreds of events globally each year; thousands of videos, podcasts, and articles online; best practices from Netflix product VP, Box CPO, and more; and our commitment to inclusion and increasing diversity in product.

Products That Count is the original and most influential Product Acceleration Platform in the world. 

Let’s break it down even further.

For Product Managers

There are a litany of resources available to PMs looking to level-up.

  • PM Competency Assessment. We have a quick and simple way to benchmark your capacity to learn. This self-assessment will help to identify gaps and areas for growth.
  • Strategic PM Course. This is a self-paced opportunity to uplevel the strategic mindset of a PM. 
  • Product Bootcamp. To address the need for personalized product mentorship at scale, we have a scalable solution that will help you continuously up your game through a customized approach.
  • Mentor Bootcamp. PMs have the opportunity to grow into leadership as mentors and evangelists to drive change within your organization with a 12-week guided mentor program.
  • Speaker Series. Product leaders from companies such as Slack, Airbnb, and Google share industry best practices in our free, weekly webinar series that draws 1500-2000 product professionals on average.

Here’s what one PM recently said about our Strategic PM Course:

“This course allows us to tap into SC’s vast PM experience. She shares valuable insights from her experience as a PM as well as experiences from other members of the product council. I am happy I took this course as it helped me fill gaps in my understanding of my role as well as it gave some strategies that I am going to experiment within the next 3-6 months.” – PM at a leading tech company

For Product Leaders

For product leaders striving to make their teams a competitive advantage within their organizations, we have several programs as well. This includes peer-to-peer offerings and additional resources made just for you.

  • Executive Product Salon. These exclusive, invite-only virtual networking events are a chance to gain industry insight and learn best practices from C/VP-level product executives like yourself.
  • Executive Mastermind Circle. Mastermind Circles were created to help product leaders learn best practices from one another to help shape the product conversation. Some of the biggest companies around leverage internal Mastermind Circles with Products That Count to help their organizations navigate a digital transformation and accelerate a product-led culture.
  • Product Talk Podcast. Help position you and your company as thought leaders with an invitation to join our incredible Product Talk hosts on the podcast.

These resources get rave reviews from product leaders. Here’s a recent review of our Mastermind Circles:

“The conversations are candid, and the insights powerful and practical. The Products That Count Mastermind Circle is worth every second of your time, whether you’re a product leader or a C-Suite product executive.” – Product Lead at a leading retailer

The Product Acceleration Platform Promise

So, what happens when you plug into our Product Acceleration Platform?

“These lessons are actionable and we’ll be applying them to our work here.” VP of Product at a leading retailer

“It went well. The PM superpowers [module] leaves a clear path for further training and tool building in the team. Personally, I will look to address some of our hiccups with tools that simplify our work, mostly in portfolio planning and user analytics. Overall, I enjoyed it very much and I will be coming back to the extra material.” – PM at a top tech company

Product leaders turn product teams into a competitive advantage:

  • They develop and retain top talent. 
  • They build world-class teams fuelled with the mindset of product excellence.
  • Product excellence leads to accelerated revenue and market leadership.

In the Age of Product, where the best products win, our Product Acceleration Platform will help you and your product team build winning products.

Want to learn more? Email us! [email protected]

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