About the Podcast – What Makes A Great Product Manager:

Founder and CEO of Product School, Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, talks about his insights into what makes a great product manager in this episode. Carlos started his career in software development in Spain—but he knew he always wanted to be in Silicon Valley because he was very excited about technology. Carlos mentions to me that in addition to engineering, he also went to business school. Both career paths were great in their own respect—but he wanted to find something in the middle. Engineering, as he recalls, was very low-level and technical and business school was very high-level and strategic. That’s where he found product management—his passion and dream.

On the show, you’ll hear how Carlos found the formula with Product School where people can learn the latest and greatest with product management and tech while keeping their life. He also provides advice to companies who are looking to hire for their first product role and beyond.

His top three product management qualities to look for in any product person includes:

  • Technical Skills: When talking about software (or websites and applications) you need to be comfortable understanding and knowing how the technology works. It doesn’t mean you need to be a software engineer, but, you need to know about the technical inner workings of the product itself.
  • Industry Domain: Products vary from industry, market, country. You’ll have an advantage if you understand your target market, customer, and product market.
  • Communication Skills: As a product manager, you’re going to spend most of your time communicating rather than executing. You need to know how to talk to all different types of people from all different departments and beyond. It’s the 80/20 rule.

Click the link to find out more about, The Product Book: How to Become a Great Product Manager, a book inspired by the learnings and curriculum of Product School.

To get more insights on product management visit Product School to see their events or join their free Slack Community. To connect with Carlos, find him on LinkedIn.

About the Guest:

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia is the Founder and CEO of Product School, an education company that offers product management and coding courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and New York.

He’s founded three companies in the education space and has over eight years of experience building teams and digital products in Europe, Latin America, and the US. He studied Computer Science and Engineering Management in Spain, and Global Business Management and Marketing at the University of California, Berkeley.

About the speaker
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