The Tech du Jour podcast series discusses how innovative companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to build better products.

Product Talk host, Mark C. Pydynowski, interviews product leaders that are at the forefront of delivering high value AI/ML technology solutions. Product Talk releases new episodes every Wednesday – listen on iTunes and Spotify.

Listen to Tech du Jour #1: Founder on The Facts (and Myths) of AI

The rise of artificial intelligence or AI is impacting how products are made and their overall capacity for learning. That said, it can be difficult to understand its overall impact. What do we know about AI’s capabilities – and where are we still figuring it all out? Founder, David Karandish, talks about AI’s impact on software, where it’s most over-hyped and how product teams should evaluate its potential for their roadmap.

Listen to Tech du Jour #2: Capital One Managing Product VP on Building “Smarter” AI Products

In today’s tech world, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to re-define how we build products and their overall performance. That said, these products are only as effective as the humans who build them. When building AI products, how do you leverage the right data and insights to drive results? Capital One Managing Product Vice President, Margaret Mayer, talks about AI’s impact on fintech, the finer points of machine learning and what defines great products.

Listen to Tech du Jour #3: CognitiveScale Product VP on The Maturation on AI Tech

AI is often seen as a solution that replaces humans with automated solutions. However, the expansion of augmented AI has changed the game for how this technology can enhance user experiences. How can AI technology amplify everyday experiences that enhance how people look at the world? CognitiveScale Product Vice President, Jon Richter, talks about the early days of Watson, being used on Jeopardy, to its current applications in making a difference for how people see the world.

Listen to Tech du Jour #4: Credit Suisse Labs CEO on Using AI/ML to Build Smarter Products

AI/ML technology is making an impact on how we interact with products that we use every day – from voice-enabled commands to learning assistants. That said, it’s important to understand how data plays a role in building these products to provide value to users. How does data make products “smarter” – and how do we analyze overall performance? Credit Suisse CEO, Jacob Sisk, talks about how AI/ML impacts our everyday routine and how product managers can make products “smarter.”

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