The Product Lifecycle series discusses how product managers can build products that stand out, establish a long-term product career, and the importance of solving the right problem. Product Talk host, Mark C. Pydynowski, interviews product leaders who have stewarded amazing products from concept to launch.

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Ovia Co-Founder on Finding Customer Value

GinaNesbar HS Gray

With more choices than ever before, it’s easy to get lost in the app store. How do you build products that stand out? Ovia Co-Founder, Gina Nebesar, talks about building customer empathy, creating successful prototypes and how to stay ahead of the competition with growth products.

GinaNesbar HS Gray

BioDigital CPO on Living The Product Lifecycle

VivianChang HS Grey

What does it take to build a long-term career – and most importantly, how do you create value for customers and your business? BioDigital CPO, Vivian Chang, talks about the importance of being user-focused throughout the product lifecycle and how to scale with revenue-driven products.

VivianChang HS Grey

Google Product Lead on Building With Big Data

LinkedIn Group Product Manager, Dacheng Zhao, discusses the Product Lifecycle

Not every product manager understands what to make of every data set they review. What does it take to make informed product decisions using data? Google Product Lead, Dacheng Zhao, talks about moving from retail management consulting into big data products and why data products stand out from the crowd.

LinkedIn Group Product Manager, Dacheng Zhao, discusses the Product Lifecycle

Instagram Product Lead on The Impact of Small Changes

Alex Plutzer discusses the Product Lifecycle on the Product Talk podcast.

There’s plenty of disruptive innovation that can come from incremental changes over time. What is the best way to make an impact with subtle tweaks to a solution? Instagram Fmr Product Lead, Alex Plutzer, discusses how to make your mark with gradual product enhancements.

Alex Plutzer discusses the Product Lifecycle on the Product Talk podcast.

GetUpside CEO on Navigating The Business of Product

GetUpside CEO, Alex Kinnier, discusses the Product Lifecycle on Product Talk

Product managers must be user-focused while also keeping their business at the forefront of the decision-making process. How can product managers connect with customers in ways that also benefit the bottom line? GetUpside CEO, Alex Kinnier, discusses the business of product – from building value for users and businesses on equal terms, to the importance of hustling to get a new product off the ground.

GetUpside CEO, Alex Kinnier, discusses the Product Lifecycle on Product Talk

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