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I’m a Fintech Product Leader and an engineer by qualification, having built several Fintech products ground up. I have over 18+ years of experience in the FinTech industry and have managed and planned products and services for fortune 500 companies. I love to speak to customers, and Design a Customer Journey, identifying product-market fit, and I specialize in Product Design & product monetization strategies that help build/design products that will last. Over the years I’ve managed products across continents (India, USA, Denmark, UK, and France) and has set up, managed, and grown remote teams. Have won numerous awards for my work in the FinTech industry and am a regular speaker at various industry forums. I like to read books and blogs around innovation to stay in the present and keep my eyes on the future. I am an avid cook, traveler, and audiophile, and write blogs about product frameworks, the latest tech/business architecture.

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