Scaling a global business in the age of remote work demands a specific approach for it to be successful. Remote work is here to stay, whether companies have chosen it as a convenience, strategic advantage, or pandemic necessity. How can companies use remote employees as an advantage when scaling a global business? Join MURAL Co-Founder and CPO Agustin Soler as he offers insights into his experience in scaling a global business over the last decade and creating a product that was the 2021 Product Award Winner in the Design Interface category.

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On remaining efficient and effective when scaling a global business rapidly

As a company that has been remote from its inception, MURAL was well prepared to grow by 6x in a short timeframe, but it did require certain tactics.

“It’s about the attitude. First of all, you need to embrace change and be flexible. Because you know that the company has changed dramatically in the last couple of months. 

Being flexible and embracing change like that won’t be super smooth, but it puts you in a position to transition that change in a much more positive way. And making sure that people understand that we are designing this as we go because we are growing so fast. That being flexible gives you an advantage. 

In fact, there will be people that will adapt to change, and other people will prefer not to continue in your company. And that’s fine because I always say that you need to choose MURAL every month, essentially. You need to choose this company and ask, “Is this the company that you want to continue working for?”

On how the vision for MURAL has changed over time

Like successful people, successful products evolve and adapt, and Agustin has worked to make MURAL evolve as well.

“Just providing an interface to come up with new concepts, and visually think and allow you to collaborate in real time, as if you were in the same room, wasn’t enough. People needed some guidance on how to how to collaborate effectively. 

Another really important aspect of the world of guided collaboration we call it “facilitation superpowers.” It’s not only about the methods, but meetings and sessions really need a facilitator. Everything moves smoothly, and you feel that you get to an outcome after the meeting, right after a session. So we incorporated a number of best practices such as the possibility to timebox a session.”

On the most important idea about growing MURAL and the future of work

We frequently hear about “the future of work” as if it were a concept that is predefined. Agustin has his own ideas about what has worked.

“There’s talk about hybrid work and it’s challenging. I truly believe that it’s easier to work remotely when everyone is remote. Because everyone is in the same category, or is in the same position.

It’s not the same if you have six people present in the same room and one person connected via conference solution, there’s a tendency to not ignore, but you tend to forget about the person. 

I think that work is a concept that shouldn’t be related to an office; I think that work is just what you do. It’s not a place where you work.”

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