Modern Fertility CEO on Building Scientific Products (Part 2)

Startups often have a move fast, break things attitude. But how does this coincide with the world of science products and healthcare? For example, when Facebook users moved to mobile – they might have been stuck with certain limitations in functionality. In the grand scheme of things, this is not such a big deal. For any healthcare startup company, however, you have to think of the end goal, the business and human circumstances, and make the right decisions from there.

Different Context, Different Rules

As a health-related brand, we really can’t afford to break anything. We have to obsess over every single user and result. We have to shoot for perfection, and nothing less is acceptable. When raising funds from tech investors during our launch, we set the tone that we would do things in a highly disciplined way from the start. Even for our physical product, we went above and beyond industry standards.

Going beyond the laboratory evaluation we did an additional validation and published our results. From the beginning, our healthcare startup focused on going all the way, and we hold ourselves to a really high standard. We even underwent peer review and presented the results at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. 

First, it’s important to have internal processes that enable quick feedback cycles. However, you also need quality assurance and an understanding of the rules under which you’re operating. 

Stay Customer-Focused

Since we are a health-related app, we really have to focus on optimizing for the user. We can’t give them a lot of homework and reading to do to get the takeaways they need. Ultimately, we design for our customer first. This means we look at content as a product, and we look closely at the content hierarchy. As a healthcare startup, we enlisted physicians, PhDs, brand strategists and everyday people to contribute, read and comment. Still, unlike other scientific products – none of our solutions provide users with medical diagnoses. Simply put, it’s all wellness information to inform women about hormones and fertility health. 


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