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Scientific Products: Balancing The Real World & The Digital World

I’ve loved science as early as I can remember. One of my most distinct memories was a high school science fair project. When I translated my insight to the judges & peers in my community, I saw how scientific products could benefit society. Then, I was hooked. I have a constant curiosity about why things are the way they are, and I derive a lot of passion from that process.

When we started Modern Fertility, we thought of ourselves as a fertility information company. We’re a women’s health company focusing on making fertility information available earlier in life. Information was the biggest gap we saw existing in the fertility / infertility ecosystem. Our first product, the Modern Fertility Hormone Test, takes the same laboratory tests done in fertility clinics and makes them available to women at a younger age. We build out the entire Modern Fertility experience all around that test.

Combining Physical and Digital 

Our digital scientific product is like a best friend OB-GYN, and it provides customized, curated reports on fertility hormones. We also offer a weekly webinar (“Egginar”) and a 1-on-1 consult with a fertility nurse, and we do all of this through our physical product. Women have the opportunity to collect their sample by drawing blood at a local lab or at home with a simple finger prick. Plus, we’ve assembled a lot of clinical validation around all of this.

Leave Open the Door to Chance

When I remember that first science fair project, it was such an incredible experience. I went on to compete at the international engineering science fair level, and I remember listening to a panel of Nobel laureates speak about their discoveries. I was amazed at how much chance and randomness influenced some of history’s most important scientific breakthroughs. 

A strict scientific or scientific product process shoots for an end goal. Still, you must be open to ideas and unexpected circumstances along the way. That’s where you can unlock true innovation. Yes, you have to meet your goals – whether it’s getting your next grant or meeting a launch deadline – but remember to reserve time and watch for the unexpected.

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