What are common mistakes that PMs make when designing AI-powered products? In this webinar, Amazon Head of Product Elio Damaggio speaks on the five common mistakes to look out for when designing (or adding features) to AI-powered products. Product management fundamentals are still the same, but AI can throw good PMs curve balls that hard to hit. Join us to learn how to navigate this new era of AI products.

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Show Notes:

  1. Don’t replace your user.
  2. Don’t forget a feedback loop.
  3. It’s all about context.
  4. The UX for AI is not as defined as the UX that we have for all the other software.
  5. Start small.
  6. Do not ignore the trends.
  7. Consider different interfaces besides chat.
  8. Continuously monitor to detect model drift and degradation.
  9. Understand the differences between B2B and B2C product design.
  10. Explainability should be considered early and baked into the product design.
  11. Split between who is using the product and who is buying the product is important for B2B.
  12. Moving AI into products will happen faster for companies closer to the origin of the tech.
  13. Edge and local models may enable new applications and use cases.
  14. Decompose problems and solve specific tasks with focused models.
  15. Data foundations and feedback loops are important before adding AI.
  16. Precision thresholds differ between push and pull interfaces.
  17. Control and visibility are important for the user.
  18. Context from the user should be gathered organically.
  19. IP considerations for models shipped with products.
  20. Hybrid systems combining gen AI and traditional software are still emerging.
About the speaker
Elio Damaggio Amazon, Head of Product Member

Elio Damaggio is a product leader with over 15 years of experience in cloud computing, IoT, and AI. Currently serving as the Head of Product for AWS in the Next Generation Developer Experience organization, he is building new ways to empower software developer teams with AI. Elio began his tech journey as a product manager at Microsoft, where he worked on Azure Mobile, IoT, and big data services. At Microsoft, he amassed an impressive portfolio of 11 patents, all related to cloud technologies and IoT. Armed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Elio possesses a deep understanding of technology that extends beyond his professional life. He's an enthusiastic reader, immersing himself in subjects such as technology, economics, history, and philosophy. In his leisure moments, he indulges in his love for science fiction and fantasy literature. Elio's passions extend to gaming, where he enjoys RPGs, strategy games, and adventures. He's also a amateur musician, wasting time writing songs with his acoustic and electric guitars.

About the host
Rishikesh Yardi Instacart, Head of Chapter Seattle

Rishikesh is a Sr. Product Leader at Instacart. He has 10+ years of field knowledge at some of the most prestigious product companies in the world. He enjoys working on product development from the bottom-up and seeing products come to fruition.

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