What pricing strategies can drive sustainable growth for B2B businesses? In this webinar, Spyri Karasavva speaks on B2B pricing strategies from the startup phase through to the IPO. Join us for an insightful session on critical aspects of pricing strategies that drive business growth. You’ll learn how to effectively bundle and unbundle products, as well as how to price and reprice customers and users to maximize profitability and value.

Join us for new conversations with leading product executives every week. Roll through the highlights of this week’s event below, then head on over to our Events page to see which product leaders will be joining us next week.

Show Notes:

  1. Pricing is an underappreciated but crucial topic for product managers.
  2. Early-stage startups should prioritize pricing optimization for product-market fit.
  3. Pricing should be a signal of the value created for different customer segments.
  4. Be cautious about disrupting legacy pricing models without a clear reason.
  5. Align pricing with the value created for customers.
  6. Consider monthly minimum or contractual pricing for products with variable cost bases.
  7. Follow a 4-step process: pricing model, list price, discount, and enforcing discounts.
  8. Listen to customers and experiment with pricing options.
  9. Understand the nature of your sales team when making pricing decisions.
  10. Use data-driven decision-making to alleviate pricing conflicts.
  11. Consider product expansion potential, stickiness, and table stakes features when setting discounts.
  12. Segment customers when setting discounts and pricing tiers.
  13. Tie pricing conversations to product development and value creation.
  14. Analyze contract sizes, growth, and discounts to identify trends for improvement.
  15. Gather feedback from both top-performing and average sales reps.
  16. Avoid proposing pricing changes during busy sales periods (e.g., Q4).
  17. Launch pricing initiatives mid-year and communicate benefits to sales teams.
  18. Align sales team incentives with pricing goals.
  19. Keep pricing enablement simple to speed up deal closure.
  20. Let account managers handle pricing conversations with important clients.
About the speaker
Spyri Karasavva Dealops, Co-Founder Member
About the host
Dan Hammaker Intapp, Sr. Director, Product Management

I'm a product leader focused on delivering exceptional client value by building quality software and engaged teams. I love talking to users about their problems and working with new PMs to grow their careers. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my spouse. Outside of work I love traveling, cooking, and following Philadelphia sports.

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