WEconnect CEO on Mobile Product Design (Part 3)

While WEconnect was made for recovering addicts, we found an opportunity to add addiction counselors to our mobile product design. With this, we created our new data dashboard – and we researched the workflows of actual counselors to develop its functionality.

One of the biggest surprises was that counselors did not want to see a ton of data every day. Counselors are very busy, which makes it difficult for them to holistically understand what a patient needs to achieve in order to stay on track for recovery.

Much like our first version of WEconnect, we had to create a user experience that removed text and provided access to the information that counselors needed most. With this, we created a user experience that organized their patients into tiles. Each patient is categorized by their risk level and who requires the most attention.

Another key feature of the data dashboard is our patent-pending relapse risk algorithm. With this, we created a new tool for counselors to use in prioritizing their engagement with patients. This algorithm combines patient behavior data that we collect in the app with a patient’s health records. As a result, we can create a complete user profile for every patient.

For example, if a patient doesn’t attend a 12-step meeting and they also have bipolar disorder, the algorithm will assign a higher risk score to the patient. This enables counselors to get a simple and informative view of their patients. In addition, they can track trends in their app usage.

Through the years, we’ve transformed our product design to give customers exactly what they need by developing a deep understanding of their needs and experience preferences.


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WEconnect CEO on Mobile Product Design

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