WEconnect CEO on Mobile Product Design (Part 2)

People who are in the first 28 days of recovery do not function at the same level as a “standard” customer. As a result, we found that our mobile product design was too text-heavy for users to find information.

In addition, we had to rethink our rewards program. Instead of extrinsic benefits, our users prefer intrinsic rewards that offer positive messaging via notifications. The first version of the app offered only extrinsic benefits like gift cards and yoga class vouchers. 

When you look at mobile app users, we have a much different audience than the broader population. With this, we brought on data scientists who conducted “true research” with people in recovery. In addition, we held focus groups that were designed to identify core drivers for the recovery population. 

To build our community, we enabled sober users to be of service to people in recovery. They are able to share your experiences honestly to encourage others to get better. Therefore, we set out to translate this community spirit into a digital experience.

Our new rewards program offers 64 different types of gamification. This made the user experience more community-based and less text-heavy. As a result, we can provide our users with a large variety of extrinsic and intrinsic benefits. 

In the end, we created a user experience that offers more engaging content. Furthermore, we have more ways to provide positive reinforcement. These enhancements are exactly what our users need to achieve recovery.


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About the speaker
Daniela Luzi Tudor WEconnect, Chief Executive Officer Member

Daniela Luzi Tudor is the CEO of WEconnect, a digital health app for recovering addicts that creates a roadmap for treatment and access to community resources. Prior to starting WEconnect, Daniela founded several startups and consulted with leading tech companies - including Microsoft and Union Bank.

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WEconnect CEO on Mobile Product Design

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