Why Data Matters for Customer Experience

People tell you that customer data is everything and every area of your business needs to be user-centric.

As product managers, we often focus on user-experience. However, very often customer experience gets neglected.

If you haven’t read “Measure What Matters,” I recommend the book, which discusses the objective direction and the key result has to be measurable.

Intel’s objective was to dominate the main range of the micro-computer component business. The key result was to publish and integrate designs that quarter or year. Would we have done it or not, is the tangible results—which is what matters for OPRs.

The more detailed you become, the better finds you will have in your execution.

In terms of customer experience, let’s take the point of view of a customer service manager. What do you think the main KPIs are for a customer associate admin in any company?

An example, if you had a benchmark for how many customers we’re serving this month, then it becomes how can we increase that to 2 percent next quarter, or some goal like that? This is a great perspective on perhaps the operations manager or customer-service management individual.  

It’s funny sometimes that because we’re so user-centric these days, we can miss the mark on what we need to be profitable. For example, from a business or a customer-service manager perspective maybe you’ll be laser-focused on how many minutes you are talking on the phone with a customer and trying to minimize that. This can be short-sighted sometimes, but some departments will take a look at the use of time.

About the speaker
Nicolas Chikhani Feelmore Labs, Chief Product Officer Member

Nicolas Chikhani is the Chief Product Officer at Feelmore Labs, a Brooklyn-based stealth startup focused on a new category of wellness devices. He also teaches a class at Columbia University on Product Management and Business Analytics. Previously, he spent 6 years at WW (formerly Weight Watchers) where he held various leadership Product Management positions, including VP of Product. Prior to that, he spent 4 years at Morgan Stanley. He holds a Masters in Financial Engineering from Columbia University and a Masters in Engineering from ENSTA in Paris, and currently lives in NYC.