Having Consistency Across Customer Touch-Points

Check out part 1 by Nicolas Chikhani.

We want to make sure that the customer touch-points are consistent across your channels. For example, whether you’re on email, phone, or chat program, you need to have a level of consistency implemented. This is where integration works at bringing people together. In particular, when you think of a call center if you want to have the same level of granularity that means your qualification process has to be consistent.

For example, you have transcripts for voice conversations and a written record via chats and emails allow for accurate record-keeping. If you didn’t have that in your integration process you have missed the mark.

In terms of escalations and processes, do you have the same procedures in place? For example, let’s say you have a particular feature in chat, but you don’t have it in your IVR when a user reaches the automated voice machine that segments the call the right way, could also be a problem for consistency. 

Lastly, do your agents across channels have the same visibility on the customer data at their disposal—whether it’s online or offline interactions?

The idea with these things here is when you think about data flows you want to make sure you have a good system experience for those involved. 

In the end, any dollar you spend on removing friction for the agent is probably at least a three X return on saving customers from walking out the door because it was poor customer experience.

About the speaker
Nicolas Chikhani WW (formerly Weight Watchers), VP of Product Member

Nicolas Chikhani is the Chief Product Officer at Feelmore Labs, a Brooklyn-based stealth startup focused on a new category of wellness devices. He also teaches a class at Columbia University on Product Management and Business Analytics. Previously, he spent 6 years at WW (formerly Weight Watchers) where he held various leadership Product Management positions, including VP of Product. Prior to that, he spent 4 years at Morgan Stanley. He holds a Masters in Financial Engineering from Columbia University and a Masters in Engineering from ENSTA in Paris, and currently lives in NYC.

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