How to Leverage Data and Recipes for Success 

Not a lot of people think of a call center as a profit center. Most people would look at it as a cost center. But actually, it’s a great opportunity to turn your business into a profit center. The reason for that is you’re on the front lines so it’s important that you can take that mindset and not look at everything as a cost, but an opportunity for more business.

In the real world, it should never happen that a bug is reported by a member or a user, but rather by your QA team or yourself. We know this doesn’t always happen, but when it does, do you have the right process in place in your company to make a delightful experience for the user? If I’m one of your users, and I’m the one reporting the bug while I’m on the phone with you complaining about, that’s already frustrating. I’m already spending a lot of time and energy telling you about the problem. The question becomes then, how are you fixing that for the user in terms of maybe a conversation or finding ways to delight them in the end? I think that is something you could look at as well.

We talk about personalization, which is a big buzzword, but I’m going to put some more context behind it. We talked about the personalization of the CRM itself, but what is often overlooked is how do you route the right conversation to the right agent. This can also be dependent on the data in your CRM. For example, if we already know that you’ve called us three times in the past before about an issue, we might as well route you to a person who’s an expert.

In routing, you can also leverage data and your CDP as well.

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Final Thoughts 

I was at Expensify back in September and I had an incident where I couldn’t scan a receipt. I contacted the company and was told this is a known bug. They apologized and offered me an alternative in the meantime. The delightful moment comes in when the bug was fixed and they reached out to inform and thanked me for letting them know about the problem.

Whenever I see a great experience like this I try to map it back to the big data flow we talked about and ask, “how could we do this better every time?”

I think everyone has an opportunity to try to make this better for their company and once you’re there, how do you push the limits on that?

About the speaker
Nicolas Chikhani WW (formerly Weight Watchers), VP of Product Member

Nicolas Chikhani is the Chief Product Officer at Feelmore Labs, a Brooklyn-based stealth startup focused on a new category of wellness devices. He also teaches a class at Columbia University on Product Management and Business Analytics. Previously, he spent 6 years at WW (formerly Weight Watchers) where he held various leadership Product Management positions, including VP of Product. Prior to that, he spent 4 years at Morgan Stanley. He holds a Masters in Financial Engineering from Columbia University and a Masters in Engineering from ENSTA in Paris, and currently lives in NYC.

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Tim Holley Etsy, VP of Product
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