Getting Your First Million Mobile Users

Joel Freeman, Co-Founder of Mobula, talks about how to launch products that attract millions of users. How do you go from zero to 1 million users? Serial mobile entrepreneur and member of Facebook’s Client Council, Joel Freeman shares his experience bringing fast growing apps to market and reveals what he learned along the way, including how to effectively design for virality and retention, how to maximize organic growth and invest in scaling paid opportunities, and what the future of the Appstore looks like.
About the Video:

About the speaker
Joel Freeman Mobula, Co-Founder Member

Joel Freeman is co-Founder and CEO of Grabble and Mobula. He has launched services that have reached millions of users and ha ve been featured by Apple in over 100 countries. Interested in starting businesses from a young age, which led to an accidental delivery of 1 million playing cards in London Bridge with no means to distribute them, Joel is obsessed with the future of mobile. He sits on the Facebook Client Council and strategizes about the future of native app distribution.