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“The bar for what makes a great product gets higher every year. Today’s product companies are digital natives embedding technology from day one. They are building products that are more than simply tools – they are channels helping startups engage customers for sustained growth.” – SC Moatti, Products That Count Founder & CEO

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“Capgemini recognizes that the product function is now an important consideration for the C-suite at Fortune 1000 companies, and we are proud to have supported these initiatives from the early days. Product leaders transform business models, unleash innovation, and improve customer experience.” – Lisa Mitnick, Intelligent Products & Services Group Offer Leader at Capgemini

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Get to know Mighty Capital, headline sponsor for the 2021 Product Awards, and sponsor of Product Talk.

“The Product Awards celebrate what we see as the leading sectors for product innovation. Great products drive revenue with product-led growth, reduce costs with no-code tools, and increase productivity by facilitating better asynchronous collaboration.” – Mighty Capital Partner Jennifer Vancini

History of the Awards

The Winners of the 2023 Product Awards

Here are the winning products for the 2023 Product Awards. These products represent a wide range of industry verticals, specializations, and geographies. Click on the header for detailed pages for each category. Congratulations to the winners!

2023 Mighty Capital’s Product Innovation Award Winners

  • Angle Health – Health insurance for the modern employee
  • Dasera – Data lifecycle security
  • Rookout – Real-time debugging
  • Segmed – The fastest way to buy medical data
  • Signalwire – Building the software-defined telecom network

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