Thank you for submitting a nomination for the Global CPO Top 20 for 2023

Products That Count celebrates the growing role of the CPO. The 2023 Product Awards will celebrate the 20 most influential and innovative CPOs leading the digital transformations in our 7 selected industry verticals – the Global CPO 20.

Check out the Global CPO Top 20 winners from the 2022, and these other series for current and potential Chief Product Officers.

  • CPO Rising Series: A collection of 20 podcasts from award-winning Chief Product Officers leading the digital transformations across the globe
  • Chief Product Officer Solutions: The top 8 challenges CPOs are facing, with solutions and immediate action items from award-winning CPOs.
  • CPO Rising: Original research on the role of the Chief Product Officer and the movement of the CPO into the C-suite.
  • Leaders in Innovation: A 5-part series sponsored by Capgemini: Five podcast conversations with innovative leaders embracing the challenges of ideation, design, large-scale systems, engineering, and re-evaluating existing business models to capture success and increase revenue.

Again, thanks for submitting a nomination!

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