What do you get when you put five amazing product leaders together, from different geographies and different verticals? A recipe sure to create the best Product Awards ceremony yet.

The Products That Count 2022 Product Awards, Silicon Valley’s more exciting answer to the Oscars, will be taking place from March 7-11, 2022. The Awards Advisory Board is the group of independent product leaders in charge of determining categories and superpowers, collecting nominations, and choosing the winners.

Think of them like Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and Hugh Jackman all rolled into one product-forward powerhouse leading this year’s awards ceremony.

The Board and their Categories

First up and returning for a third consecutive year is Neha Taleja, a Product Leader at Google working on the YouTube Premium Team. Neha’s resume includes a focus on creating impact through meaningful products at companies like Prezi and Macmillan Learning. Her category is for products with an “Informed Go-to-Market Strategy,” awarding tools that help PMs develop a strategic approach to testing and launching products in new markets or for new customers.

Also returning to the Board is Patrick Blute, the Product Marketing Lead at Transfix. Formerly of nate and Tribal Planet, Inc, Patrick is passionate about telling stories. As the podcast host for Product Talk, Patrick digs deep into the stories of product leaders at companies including Disney, Amazon, and LEGO. Patrick’s category recognizes products that create a “Delightful User Journey.” 

New to the Board this year is Iryna Krutenko. With a background in technology and digital marketing, Iryna is the Senior International Product Lead at Indeed.com. Iryna has expertise working with global cross-functional partners to achieve market goals. Her category is dedicated to products that “Level Up Scale & Complexity,” awarding tools and services that help take products to the next level.

Also new this year is Maheep Bhalla, current Head of the San Francisco Chapter of Products That Count. With experience at Oracle, Adobe, and Transformco, Maheep believes that a Product Manager wears multiple hats but should always champion the voice of the customer. His category rewards “Responsive Product Accountability,” specifically tools that help CPOs define and communicate success metrics to help business leaders chart their direction.

Last but not least, the fifth member of the board is newcomer Felipe Gasparino. With a background in teaching and software development, Felipe is a product-driven, results-oriented tech director. His category focuses on products “Empowering the Whole Human,” awarding tools that empower people in mind, body, and spirit.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned to productsthatcount.com for a closer look at the categories and their related superpowers, as well as individual profiles of board members. In the meantime, send in your nominations for the 2022 Product Awards. The Awards Advisory Board is assembled and ready to review your submissions!

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