Product experimentation is essential in determining whether customers will love our product or whether it will solve their pain points. But not at the expense of delaying a good customer experience. There is a fine line between experimenting, using a phased launch, and going for a Big Bang deployment. So, what tactics should be used in the experimentation phase? Amazon Appstore Head of Product – Trust & Safety Jaya Gopinathan shares insights on best practices and common pitfalls in the product experimentation phase.

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About the speaker
Jaya Gopinathan Amazon Appstore, Head of Product - Trust & Safety Member

Jaya heads the Digital Trust & Safety Product portfolio for Amazon Appstore. She leads the product charter to set the direction for the user experience design for Appstore services supporting Fire-TV, Tablet, and other devices on the product framework for privacy, policy, and fraud prevention for millions of customers using Amazon product & services. She influences investment choices that cultivate long-term innovation for the customer and develops strategic customer engagement plans. She has led multiple customer surveys, direct customer feedback reviews, and implemented product features to significantly improve customer experience across Kindle, Alexa, Appstore, and Computer vision products. She leads with empathy and elevates diverse customer perspectives for innovation through bar-raising research practices.

About the host
Elysse Uwimana Chappell-Dolby Content Manager
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