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Products That Count is one of the largest networks of product managers and early adopters in the world. Our community provides insider access to founders and C-level executives at the world’s premier product-centric brands - including Netflix, Coinbase, SoulCycle and more.

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We believe everyone can build great products that transform lives and create value at scale. We bring the world's leading product experts and product lovers together to reward the best products, the best product talent and the best product-forward brands.

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Products That Count began with the vision of an innovator who built products that were used by billions of people during her time at Facebook and Nokia.

After many years of being asked, “what makes a great product?”, Products That Count’s founder, SC Moatti, set out to find the answer.

Many of the largest and most successful marketplaces can become indifferent to one side of their business. Oftentimes, they can try to exploit their power within a product market. Recently, Uber has provided an example of what can happen when there is an imbalance between the buyer experience (riders) and the seller experience (drivers).

Founder | SC Moatti

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