LEGO Education Product VP on Leading Product in the Education Space

In this episode of Product Talk with Melissa Pickering, Andrew Sliwinski speaks on leading product in the education space.

The Wharton School Professor of Marketing on the Essentials of Customer Centricity

The Wharton School Professor of Marketing Peter Fader shares insights on the nature of customer centricity and key factors in implementing it successfully.

Northeastern University Distinguished Professor on Marketing in a Recession

Northeastern University Distinguished Professor Koen Pauwels shares insights on best practices for marketing in a recession.

Boston University Associate Professor on Transforming Products into Platforms

Boston University Associate professor Andrei Hagiu shares insights on three key methods for transforming products into platforms.

Ahead of Product Co-Founder on Scalable Leadership Frameworks

Ahead of Product co-founder and coach, Katerina Suchkova, on scalable leadership frameworks to start thinking like a leader

Morning Brew VP of Product on Redefining the Media Company Playbook

Morning Brew VP of Product, Emily Diamond, shares insights on how content and product management interplay in a media company.

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BetterLesson SVP on Building Quality Edtech Products

BetterLesson SVP Amber Orenstein shares how her teaching background provided a different perspective to building quality edtech products.

Discovery Education CPO on Edtech Product Design with an End in Mind

Discovery Education CPO Pete Weir explores how to work backward on edtech design with stability for diverse learners.

Fmr LEGO Education Head of Product On Focusing On Play Within Your Product

Melissa Pickering, former LEGO Education Head of Product joins us to talk about focusing on play within your product

Stanford Professor of Organizational Behavior on Strategy Mapping

Professor Jesper B. Sorensen from the Stanford Graduate School of Business shares insights on visual thinking and strategy mapping.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Building Minimum Viable Products

CollegeVine Product Lead David Prentice latest article breaks down critical mistakes to avoid when building minimum viable products.

OneClass Product Director on the Ramp Framework to Solve User Roadblocks

OneClass Product Director Katherine Chong walks attendees through the ramp framework to better identify user roadblocks.

Organize Your Product to Empower Your Users

CollegeVine Product Lead David Prentice shares how to balance product structures with micro and macro organization in order to empower users.

To Discover Hidden Customer Problems, Try Defining Solutions First

CollegeVine Product Lead David Prentice on how product managers can create better products by defining solutions through design ideation.

Optimization, Validated Learning, and ‘The Lean Startup’

CollegeVine Product Manager, David Prentice, on following the Eric Ries 'The Lean Startup' and taking care not to overlook validated learning

Macmillan Sr. Product Director on Digital Innovation: Transforming Access to Educational Materials (Part 3)

Neha Taleja, Fmr Senior Director of Product at Macmillan, shares 4 tips for being a great product manager. Keep learning and be curious.

Macmillan Sr. Product Director on Digital Innovation: Transforming Access to Educational Materials (Part 2)

Neha is the Senior Director of Product at Macmillan. In this article, she share tips on getting involved with product development.

Macmillan Sr. Product Director on Digital Innovation: Transforming Access to Educational Materials

Neha Taleja leads start-up products tasked to address challenges related to access to higher education and digital innovation.

Fmr Homer CPO & Co-Founder on 3 Mistakes and How We Overcame Them

Brit Myers, COO of GameClub, shares his biggest mistakes at Homer and what lessons he learned from them as he found product-market fit.

Homer Co-Founder on Measuring Success With Data

Data metrics enable product teams to understand customer preferences and optimize product performance to generate revenue more efficiently.

Product Management: Experience Loop

Shiren Vijiasingam is a product leader who is dedicated to creating solutions that connect with users on a human level. Building an action plan to identify and solve friction is critical to improving the overall customer experience with products. Shiren presents a five-step model that takes a comprehensive view of the customer journey to create solutions that enhance the product experience.

Product Management: Mode Shift Friction

Shiren Vijiasingam is a product leader who is dedicated to creating solutions that connect with users on a human level. Friction is often viewed as a negative, but it can also create opportunities for new solutions to emerge. As Shiren explains, there are creative ways to turn customer pain points into innovative enhancements that bring joy to more customers.

General Assembly CPO on Product Management

Product management teams must understand and mitigate friction in the user experience to understand how users are affected on a human level.

Leadership Coach Dorie Clark on Personal Brand

Defining your personal brand is an essential leadership attribute that uses peer input to create a profile that represents your best qualities

Singularity U Professor Nell Watson on why now is the right time for AI

Nell emphasizes that knowledge is power and postulates that it makes sense to involve AI when there is so much data available.

Productivity Guru Pierre Khawand on 15-Minute Bursts

Productivity Guru Pierre Khawand discusses how to schedule your day in 15-minute bursts in order to feel productive and fulfilled.

Bestselling author Dorie Clark on how to stand out

Bestselling author Dorie Clark, on best practices on identifying what makes you unique, what to build a personal brand on, and more.

Author Geoff Moore on Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation has altered the table stakes for doing business, with easier product availability and lower costs to drive scalability.

Udemy CPO on Disrupting Knowledge

Udemy CPO talks about cutting edge education. Knowledge becomes obsolete with how learning evolves over time.

Behavioral Economist Kristen Berman on Using the Insights of Irrationality

Behavioral Economist and co-founder of Dan Ariely's Irrational Labs, Kristen Berman shares examples of using insights to build great products

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