Ready VP of Product on Connectivity & IoT

Nikki Ahmadi on current trends, use-cases, and connectivity & IoT. Plus, an overview of the winning products at the 2023 Product Awards.

Amazon Sr Product Leader on Developing a Product Sense

Rekha Venkatakrishnan shares insights on developing a product sense and best practices in the product community.

Splunk Product Management Director on Cloud Product Adoption

Splunk Product Management Director Siddharth Bhai speaks on how product leaders can best facilitate cloud product adoption.

Google Product Lead on Growing Customer Loyalty

Google Product Lead Shilpa Vir shares specific examples of how companies utilize tools to leverage loyal customers for rapid growth.

Paper Cut Problems: The Subtle Menace Undermining Your Product and Retention

Tatari Sr Technical PM, Bryce York, discusses paper cut problems, which are the imperfections or blemishes in your product experience.

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Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager (Part 3)

Hiten Shah, co-founder of several SaaS companies including FYI, Crazy Egg, and KISSmetrics, shares steps to improve customer retention.

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager (Part 2)

When it comes to the short-term of improving customer retention, there are two lenses—learn more from Hiten Shah in this blog.

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager

What are the steps to improve customer retention? You have to talk about customer needs and benefits if you want to be customer-obsessed.

GameClub COO on Driving Conversion With Product Data

Product data can help your team measure conversion rate success by looking at factors that drive purchase decisions after initial contact

theSkimm CPO on Building Product Loyalty

How do you serve an audience that wants to eat up everything you do and generate product loyalty? If you solve problems – you’ll create deep relationships.

Product Guru Bruce Cleveland on Bridging The Traction Gap

The traction gap model provides a framework for entrepreneurs to improve prospects of turning a promising startup into a sustainable business.

Growth Products: Value Hacking Before Growth Hacking

Growth products must be incubated with ample time spent on defining their value proposition before moving into growth-mode.

Growth Hacker Vincent Dignan on Growth Hacking Best Practices

Voted best speaker on growth hacking at SXSW, Vincent Dignan discusses growth hacking best practices and how you can gain 1000 users overnight.

GrowthHackers CEO Sean Ellis on Growth Hacking

Growth hacking, a hot topic, requires cross-functional support from Marketing and Product teams to reach more customers.

CROmetrics Founder on Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization is a key driver for growth hacking at any organization, creating long-term value with clear ROI to sustain success.

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