The Year of Intelligent Chat

Will 2024 go down in history as the year of intelligent chat? The product managers and leaders we speak with seem to think so.

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CPO Rising: A seat in the C-suite

Digital native and tech companies place product at the forefront. Traditional companies must reinvent their products, customer experience and business models.

Welcome to 2021: A Note from Products That Count Founder, SC Moatti

Founder and CEO of Products That Count, SC Moatti, welcomes in the new year with a look ahead at what's to come.

How Fast Do Product Managers Learn and Grow

Products That Count surveyed it's network with a Growth Mindset Assessment to identify where the average product team stood.

Building Products in a Pandemic

The Building Products in a Pandemic eBook features interviews with product leaders from companies such as Samsung NEXT, Butterfly Network.

The Age of Product Has Come: A Path to CPO

Products That Count founder SC Moatti is joined by product leaders for an in-depth conversation to discuss the path to CPO.

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Product Leaders: Level Up to Reach the C-Suite

Products That Count Founder and Managing Partner of Mighty Capital, SC Moatti, breaks down being a product-first product leader.

2020 State of the Union for Products That Count aka Trying Not to Brag When There’s a Lot to Be Proud Of

Almost 300,000 product managers attend 100 local events and listen to 3,000 podcasts and videos featuring product leaders.

Mobile pioneer SC Moatti on the formula for mobile success

Mobile Product Pioneer SC Moatti gives the highlights of the Mobile Formula and the 3 rules behind successful mobile products.

Building Mobile Products That Count

Mobile has eaten the world... Beyond features and functions, business models and money, what was our vision for the mobile revolution?

The five personalization filters of great mobile products

Mobile products are embedded in our lives on 2 dimensions: internally -our individual needs; externally -how we share with others.

Three Deceptively Simple Steps to Exponential Mobile Growth

Every few weeks, people become more proficient with mobile products. To maintain their growth rate, mobile companies must adapt constantly.

The 7 Design Elements of Great Mobile Products

Mobile Design: The 7 Design Elements of Great Mobile Products by SC Moatti, founder of Products That Count.

Why Internet mega-mergers are back in vogue

Many consumer internet companies went public too early and now, they want to go back to being private.

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